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We are Mustard Seed.
We plant seeds of change in the lives of Indonesian children.


We plant seeds of hope in the hearts of children because we believe that life-giving education can change the future of Southeast Asia.


We love because God first loved us. It is this love that compels us to go into remote areas to start schools, care for orphans and serve those in need.


We believe in the importance of local leadership; therefore, we train and equip indigeneous youth with the necessary tools to help their society flourish.

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Call for Prayer for the Recent Covid-19 Surge in Indonesia

We unite our hearts to pray for the recent surge of Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Our students across the archipelago shared their prayers:

The Power of A Letter

One letter. Who would have thought that something so simple and easy could actually make a difference? Watch the video below as MSI students and teachers read the letters from their sponsors and share their thoughts:


JULY Prayer Calendar

Mustard Seed believes that prayer can unleash a phenomenal amount of grace when we face struggles. Let's pray together with Mustard Seed's field team!

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Your support will provide a loving home and school tuition for a child in Mustard Seed Children Homes.

Adopt a School

Help us bring world class education to the children in need and learn how one school can change an entire community. You have several options: from providing school supplies to building an entire school.

Invest in Teacher

Trained at Mustard Seed’s acclaimed Teacher Training Centre, our teachers receive world class education to become expert teachers who will guide and educate children at Mustard Seed schools around the world.

 Covid-19 Crisis Response