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We are Mustard Seed.
We plant seeds of change in the lives of Indonesian children.

This Christmas, give the gift of education, literacy, loving homes and dedicated teachers and to children living in remote villages.

This gift gives a child nutritious food, an education, and a warm bed; it will also provide them with a safe and loving home with caregivers who love them like their own.

This gift provides two children the chance to join a sport or music club where they receive training while learning how to build inclusive relationships.

When you choose this gift, you are empowering a teacher to transform a community by providing access to education where they would otherwise go without.

Latest News

December Prayer Fellowship

Join us as we give our prayers, love, and support to our field workers and teachers serving thousands of Indonesian children.

Strings of Hope

Can I tell you a story of hope? Here’s where it all started: It was a bad day. I was overwhelmed with Aldo, one of my students. He lied, refused to do homework, and hit his female friend. I felt like I was ready to give up on him…

A Season of Sowing Seeds

By Cyndi Richardson
In little villages all across the eastern edge of Indonesia, the cords of illiteracy strangle hope away from children…

Latest Video

Mustard Seed's teachers and children reading letters and messages from supporters in North America.

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Your support will provide a loving home and school tuition for a child in Mustard Seed Children Homes.

Adopt a School

Help us bring world class education to the children in need and learn how one school can change an entire community. You have several options: from providing school supplies to building an entire school.

Invest in Teacher

Trained at Mustard Seed’s acclaimed Teacher Training Centre, our teachers receive world class education to become expert teachers who will guide and educate children at Mustard Seed schools around the world.