Charis Institute Solo

Charis Institute Solo

Most cities in Indonesia enjoy the growth of economic development. However, millions of people living in cities are still categorized as low-income. They rely on less than $60 per month and have little to no access to health care or adequate education.
17 years ago, Charis Institute Solo was founded as a solution to provide affordable, high quality Christian education. The school allocated 60% of its spots for underprivileged children in middle Java.





In 2021, Charis Institute Solo expanded to serve junior high school students. In 2022, the school started serving children with learning disabilities and continues to train teachers to fulfill this need. Meet Erika, a child with learning disabilities who found love and purpose at Charis Institute Solo:


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Charis Institute Solo's Plan in Reaching Out to Children

1. To finalize a long-term lease for the existing land and buildings.

2. Add two more classroooms.

3. Restore and repair the old school building.

4. Expand the program to serve high school students.

5. Set up a day-care facility for teachers' children.

Prayer Requests

1. Please ask God to give Charis Institute Solo favor with the owner of the land and buildings, so that an optimal long-term lease can be finalized before the current one-year contract ends in September.

2. Please pray that the school will be able to open high school classes to continue serving the junior high schools graduates.

3. Please pray for the 350 students, including 20 students with learning disabilities, to be able to reach their full potential.

4. Please pray for the need of a car especially during rainy season.