December 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Nov 30, 2020

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

December 2020


But Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.'”

(Matthew 19:14 NLT)

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DECEMBER 1 / 2 SAMUEL 7:1-17
Dear Lord, we pray that this last month of 2020 will be filled with Your peace, presence, and hope. Please bless and use us, so we can be a blessing to others.

Lord, I believe that You created me for a special purpose, and that you have a perfect plan for my life. I ask You to fulfill Your purpose and help me to do my part, whether through Your work in Mustard Seed or other ministries.

DECEMBER 3 / 2 CHRONICLES 34:29–35:6
Thank You Lord for each supporter who undergirds Your work in Indonesia through prayer and petition.

DECEMBER 4 / 2 PETER 3:1-18
We praise You Lord for the good things Elly has put in place as the Director of TransformNation (TfN).

DECEMBER 5 – 6 / EZRA 1:1–2:1
Thank You Lord, for the new TfN recruits who have arrived safely at our lab school. Lead them as they face culture shock over these next few months.

We pray for the new TfN recruits who come from backgrounds where they have been significantly abused by family members and are in need of a lot of emotional support. May they find Your complete healing through the TfN program.

We pray for Jules who is overwhelmed and exhausted as one of the mentors of TfN. We pray that she would know God’s strength when dealing with her mentees.

We pray for Kiera, one of the TfN mentors, that she would find clarity in the midst of her teaching frustration. May her circumstances not cause bitterness.

DECEMBER 10 / PSALMS 126:1–127:5
Lord we ask for Your complete healing and strength for nine Christian leaders who are infected with the Covid-19 virus in Borneo.

DECEMBER 11 / PSALMS 128:1–129:8
We give thanks to you Lord that You continue to heal our children and families who were infected with the Covid-19 virus. We ask for Your continued protection for everyone.

DECEMBER 12 -13/ JOHN 1:15-28
Please pray for the TfN interns, Alicia & Raymond, who are on their way to their island for their wedding. May God provide everything they need.

DECEMBER 14 / ISAIAH 40:18-31
Lord, we pray that You will send more workers to the field, so that more children can come to know You and Your love.

DECEMBER 15 / ROMANS 14:1-12
We pray for the plans of our partner school in Papua to build new dorms for the students. They also need two more classrooms and new teachers.

DECEMBER 16 / ROMANS 14:13-23
We pray for the TfN students who are in their final year. As they prepare their thesis, may You also prepare their hearts and renew their commitment in You to be ready to go and serve children in villages.

DECEMBER 17 / ROMANS 15:1-13
We pray for the village teachers from the Elevate program who have lost some support from a donor due to the pandemic. Pray that God would revive the donor’s business and that he would send more sponsors to help the teachers.

DECEMBER 18 – 19 / ROMANS 15:14-32
We praise You Lord, for the people who came to know You through Sani & Elka’s ministry at Slippery Rock Children’s Home.

DECEMBER 20 / ROMANS 16:1-16
Lord, at this time of the year, we pray that all our field workers would have the chance to rest physically and mentally. Remind them to put their hope in You as You renew their strength.

DECEMBER 21 / ROMANS 16:17-27
May God bless the plans and provide every need to renovate the dorms of Seeds of Hope Children’s Home.

DECEMBER 22 / ISAIAH 62:1-12
Lord, we pray for one of our teachers in Papua who has experienced a very unfortunate event. May she become stronger in You and be able to experience forgiveness. We give thanks for the community who stood up for her and supported her emotionally.

DECEMBER 23 / PSALMS 97:1-98:9
Lord, we pray for our field workers, TfN students and interns, who are far from their families this Christmas as they are serving You in the field. May You grant them peace to place their families in Your hands, and to have joy in every circumstance.

DECEMBER 24 / LUKE 2:1-20
Dear Lord Jesus, You are the light of the world and the Prince of Peace that this world desperately needs. We pray that the light of Your truth may shine through us to the world around us.

Merry Christmas! Lord, we thank You for our Saviour, Jesus. We pray that more children in Indonesia would come to know the greatest Gift of all, through the work of Mustard Seed.

DECEMBER 26 – 27 / 2 CHRONICLES 24:12-22
Lord we pray for our families & friends. Even though we might not be able to meet with them in person, we pray that today, we would find joy in simple pleasures and treasure each relationship.

Lord, we pray for the children we serve in the field. Even though this Christmas they might not have new clothes or toys, help them to be joyful. Use us to bless them and their families.

Please pray for Martin and Evan, as they graduate from TfN. They specifically ask to be Your vessels of love for the children they will meet next year.

Please pray for baby Dave, son of Ari & Betty, site leaders on the Island of promise. May God bless him with health and provide for everything he needs.

Lord, we want to end this year with hearts full of thanksgiving for Your wonderful works. We want to remember Your kindness and blessing through 2020.

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