AmandaCIntroducing TransformNation student: Amanda
Amanda was born the youngest of 5 in a Christian family. Though she knew about Jesus since her childhood it was in high school when she began to spend quiet time and know the Savior. She wants to become a teacher because a teacher educates those who do not know and raises future leaders. Teachers are also in a position to share the Gospel with those who have not yet heard by their words and their actions. Her goal is to teach in remote areas where there are many who are lost where she can show them Christ through her life. Please pray that she can finish her studies in the projected 4 years and will always have a desire and drive to learn and work hard.

Introducing TransformNation student: James
JamesbJames is the youngest of 8 children born into a Christian household. However he was only Christian in name throughout elementary and junior high where he was a rebel and not living as a Christian should. His life turned around in high school where he was baptized and accepted Christ as his Savior. He wishes to become a teacher to be a lamp to the world. In his hometown the primary and secondary school teachers he had cared more for their salary than for the students. James wants to be a teacher to bring about change in his village by leading and teaching the next generation.

His dreams for the future entail bringing about change in his village within the next 8 years and sharing the Gospel with every student he teaches.

Please pray for James that God will give him the ability to learn to read and speak English. Pray for him as he misses the family he has left behind.