June 2017 Prayer Calendar

by | Jun 2, 2017

Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship

June 2017

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 118:29 ESV

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June 01-02: Numbers 11 Please pray for Lloyd, a long-term field worker from Australia, as he celebrates his birthday today!

03: John 7:32-52 Please pray for a child who has lost her mother & is trying to keep her faith while living with her father who does not know God.

Sunday 04: Acts 2.1-21 Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in a powerful way amongst believers.

05: Psalm 104.1-18 Please pray for a young man living with a family who are not believers.  Pray that he will stay strong & bring hope & blessing to the family.

06: Psalm 104.19-35 Please pray for Wren, a long-term field worker from the United States, as he celebrates his birthday today!

07: Matthew 28.16-20 Pray that believers in Southeast Asia would feel equipped to go and make disciples.

08: 2 Corinthians 13.1-13 Pray that pastors & leaders would encourage one another with like-mindedness & live in peace with one another.

09: Acts 15:36-41 Please pray for the children who are learning to play instruments that they would be a blessing to their community.

10-Sunday 11: Matthew 10.1-31 Please pray for rest, refreshment and good teaching for those attending a retreat this weekend.

12: Genesis 18.1-15 Please pray for the seniors who are graduating from CNA today.

13: Genesis 18.16-33 Please pray for children who are struggling academically that they would begin to flourish & excel in their studies.

14: Genesis 19.1-22 Please pray for grace for teachers dealing with children with behavioral issues.  Pray that their habits would change as they encounter the love & kindness of Christ.

15-16: Genesis 20.1-21 Please pray for children who are struggling with self-confidence that they would have the courage to interact with others & speak in front of a group.

17: Matthew 9.27-38 Pray for a long-term field worker from England who is home on a five-week furlough that she will get much needed rest before returning to the field.

Sunday 18: Proverbs 4.1-13 Happy Father’s Day! Please pray that our students would know & experience the love of a father.  If not from their earthly fathers, then from their Heavenly Father.

19: Romans 6.1-11 Please pray that the students who have been baptized over the last year would continue to walk in newness of Life in Christ.

20: Psalm 86.1-17 Please pray the son of long-term field workers who will be starting university in the United States.  Pray for a smooth transition as she settles in to school.

21: Matthew 10.32-11.1 Pray for increased financial support for Lloyd & Grace as they prepare to return to the field after the birth of their second child.

22: Jeremiah 20.7-18 Please pray for the child of long-term field workers, as she celebrates her birthday today!

23: Matthew 9.14-26 Please pray for the twelve TranformNation students who will be graduating this summer & sent out as Christian teachers.

24: Luke 1.57-80 Pray for MSI staff and Board of Directors & they would be in good health & have the wisdom necessary to steward the work that God has entrusted to them.

Sunday 25-26: Psalm 69 Praise God for His favor in receiving a substantial discount on property purchased for a second CNA school!

27: Psalm 87 Please pray for increased resources to complete the infrastructure of the new TransformNation site.

28: 2 Timothy 4.1-8 Pray that the workers in the field would be ready to preach the word both in & out of season – that they would convince, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering & teaching.

29: John 21.15-25 Please pray provision for the medical visits & vaccinations required for the new group of TransformNation students.

30: Jeremiah 28.1-17 Pray that the M Youth Centre staff would dig deeper into the word of God, grow in character & increase in ministry.