Mustard Seed International - hiking in the jungleMustard Seed orphanage leader Ibu Elka was hiking through the jungle with a group of students when they suddenly found themselves confronted by a village chief. He didn’t want to lose the children of the village to the city for an education. Who could blame him? But would this animist village be open to a Christian school? It turns out they were very open! The village’s only communal building was offered up for the school, and yes, they would care for and protect the teacher.

With the school now in its third year, Vita reflects on her year in S-village: “Mustard Seed International is still in my heart and life even now that I live on another island with my father. My life work is still encouraging children to have a real relationship with Jesus. I keep up my good relationship with Pak Sani and Ibu Elka and the people of S-village. I thank God for the new pastor at S-village and how his wife enthusiastically embraced being the new teacher.

MSI leaders Lari and May will always be my spiritual parents. They gave me a real role model of being a servant of the Lord and still today they give me love and encouragement.”

Her mentors Lari and May share more of this encouraging testimony: “We were amazed to hear from Vita that all the children she taught have become believers. And even with the challenge of S-village being an animistic culture, there are now three adult believers in the village. The village pastor’s wife is teaching at the school, after completing her training with Mustard Seed last summer. At the same time the pastor was trained in community development and discipleship. The two of them returned with a renewed vision for the community to learn about God. It is exciting to see God moving in this village. We have a trip planned for this summer when Vita is on holidays. She’s coming with us!”

Children at village with Mustard Seed International