Hello, Linda here: Imagine your seven year old starting school with no prior skills development.3. school boy

That’s the experience of the majority of Indonesian children. Timely early childhood development-encouraging curiosity, creativity, reading, and play time-is simply not part of the Indonesian public educational system. But it is important at Mustard Seed schools, and increasingly to me, which is why I teach six preschool music classes a week.

This lack of early education training is the prevailing environment on the island where I’m being called to help preschool and elementary teachers. My last trip there was an experience just getting there but it is so beautiful and the need is great. Three graduate teachers, Dian, Lestari, and Xavier will be going too. Please pray for our time of preparation.

4. pencil caseDSC_2941Meet Dian*. We’re proud of his successful completion of the teacher-training program. May God’s guidance strengthen him daily as he begins his calling to teach children in the love of God.

I come from a remote village in Kalimantan with no electricity or running water. I'm the second of five children. My parents and siblings are all farmers. I began learning about Jesus in second grade. Before that, I was a naughty kid who ran wild and was frequently called stupid and useless by my parents and siblings. I failed first grade and was forbidden by my parents to return to school. I did not go to school for three years and finally returned when I was 12 years old. I had to finance and manage my education myself. During the three years I was not in school, I began to see the love of Christ in my life. I began to see,experience, and understand how great God's love is for me, and to regard this love as an invaluable treasure that would always be with me. When I went back to school, I felt God's help and presence more and more. I used to fail every class, but God changed me such that I was able to do well in every subject. Last semester, I finished as the top student in my year at my university.Sierra Exif JPEG

My experiences of failing in school, experiencing God's love, and then becoming a high-achieving student have given me a desire to bless and bring progress to people in villages and rural areas where education levels are low and educational opportunities scarce. I have chosen to become a teacher so that in addition to helping children and others through education, I will also be able to share the gospel of the kingdom of God and the love of God with my future students and colleagues.

graduationMy prayer requests are that God would bless my leaders and instructors, as well as Mustard Seed. I would also appreciate prayer for my family and my education, future, hopes and dreams. Pray that God would bless the Indonesian people and nation, and that churches all over Indonesia would be salt and light and a blessing. Thank you for your prayers, and I pray that God will bless you.

Editors Note: Support for Dian is welcomed. Designate your gift for Dian; teacher-training program. To respect his privacy, Dian’s name has been changed.