November 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Oct 29, 2021

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Prayer Fellowship

November 2021


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Lord, please make a way to open a TfN University and for schools that are still in the process of administrative paperwork with local governments.

Lord, we bless the local government at Rusen Island who opened the door for MSI to start a school. May the long-term plan of cooperation be fruitful
and impact the community.

NOVEMBER 3 / RUTH 1:1-22
We ask Your strength, Lord, for Arti & Dadang who mentor 23 girls and coordinate several programs. May they lead with love and gain respect in their mentees’ eyes.

NOVEMBER 4 / RUTH 2:1-23
We pray for Eric & Hannah who long to have their first child.

NOVEMBER 5 / RUTH 3:1-18
Lord, we pray for every child currently cared for at SOH Children’s Home. We believe that You have a bright future for them. Protect their health and bless their journey to get to know You better.

NOVEMBER 6-7 / RUTH 4:1-22
Lord, MSI is having its Annual Event today (Nov. 6th) May You guide every person who comes to this event to encounter You through Your works in Indonesia.

NOVEMBER 8 / 1 SAMUEL 1:1-14
We are grateful, Lord, for the schools that are able to start teaching students in person. Please also bless those who are still practicing distance learning.

NOVEMBER 9 / 1 SAMUEL 1:15-28
We pray for 175 students in Tirta’s village. May the Lord send workers into His harvest field.

NOVEMBER 10 / 1 SAMUEL 2:1-11
We pray for God’s work in Borneo: M High School, River Village, P High School, and Slippery Rock Children’s Home. May God provide guidance to Santosa & Leah, Sani & Elka, Dumadi & Lena, and Wiwik as they continue to love children and serve the community.

Thank You Jesus, that you gave Raymond (TfN intern) a vision to bless the school and children with his talents in photography and multimedia. May God make a way and send people to help him start the photography club.

NOVEMBER 12 / MARK 13:3-23
Please pray for Martin & Evan who are experiencing challenges communicating with Kurima children in Harta’s village.

NOVEMBER 13-14 / MARK 13:24:37
Please pray for Constance, a TfN intern, who feels overwhelmed and lost her motivation.

We pray for Elisa, a TfN intern, who asks God to bring breakthrough to the school she serves. She prays for a loving and non-judgmental community that would live in holiness.

NOVEMBER 16 / 2 SAMUEL 22-23
Lord, we pray for Joseph, a TfN student, who asks for humility so he will not hesitate to receive help from other people when he needs it.

We pray for the vision and plan that God has placed in Harta, Evan, and Martin’s hearts. They want to disciple students through after school programs.

Lord, we bring Doya into Your hands. She’s been struggling with her studies and is trying to keep up with the TfN standard. She’s been feeling defeated and believes that she is uncapable and a failure. Please give wisdom to TfN leaders on how to encourage and guide Doya through her journey.

NOVEMBER 19 / DANIEL 7:15-28
Lord, please provide strength to nine TfN students who recently started their first year in the program. Many of them are missing and worried about their families and feeling overwhelmed with the new adjustments.

NOVEMBER 20-21 / MARK 14-15
We praise God for Mark, Maria, and Randy who serve the children on Gapanau Island. May they persevere in the midst of cultural clashes with the parents of the students.

NOVEMBER 22 / JOHN 18:28-40
We pray for Lani, a TfN student, whose father is in prison. She prays that her father may encounter God.

Lord, please bless the parents & grandparents of Netia. May they find a way to get to know You.

We pray for Evan, a TfN intern, who dreams of opening a kindergarten in his own village and plans to teach teenagers about leadership, computer skills, installing electricity, and auto mechanics.

Lord, as we gather with families today and celebrate American Thanksgiving, we give thanks to You and pray for the families of those who serve through MSI. May their lives be full of bountiful blessings.

Praise God for providing tools to learn the Bible through Kiera’s Bible study group. May the Holy Spirit bring great understanding to all the trainees and may they feel the joy of experiencing their grasp of the Word growing.

NOVEMBER 27-28 / LUKE 21:25-38
Lord, please remember the village teachers on the Island of Promise. May You provide for their needs and give them direction to continue teaching
the children after the flooding disaster.

NOVEMBER 29 / MARK 2:18-28
Please pray for the leadership team at MSI’s Lab School. May God’s loving hand continue to guide them to serve the children. May His love inspire them to live out the new theme: Straight from the Heart.

NOVEMBER 30 / MARK 3:1-19
Lord, we end this month in praise to You. Thank you for giving us many opportunities to be involved in Your works. May Your name be glorified, Lord Jesus, through our lives.

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