School Brings Water to the Community

by | Oct 16, 2020

School Brings Water to the Community

Can you imagine living every day without enough freshwater? Imagine if, to get water, you must get up early in the morning, pick up your buckets, and walk three miles to fill them. You will then need to boil the water to ensure it is safe for consumption. Well, this is how children on the Island of Promise spend their morning and afternoon every day.



If getting fresh water for drinking and cooking was this hard, would you “waste” it on washing your hands to keep any unseen viruses from spreading? It’s hard to imagine! No wonder the “washing your hands regularly” campaign does not apply to many villages.

Watch this video to see how one of our schools on the Island of Promise brought water to the community! With eco-friendly and non-electrical technology, they managed to pump water from a valley up 500 meters where the school is located. The school was able to bless their community in this way!