Ever been to a 199-year-old church in North America that’s still going strong? It was an awesome privilege to be invited to share the parable of the mustard seed at St. Andrew’s in Kingston.


The mustard seed, so very small, has the potential to grow into a 15-foot tree. But it needs someone to plant it so its old seed self will die and a process of bringing forth the new life within it can begin. It’s like St. Andrew’s, their seed went deep in the soil of Kingston 199 years ago. Queens University sprouted from that seed in 1842 and the congregation continues to serve the Kingston community today in many ways.

We give thanks for the congregation’s generosity to nurture seeds planted in the children of under serviced rural communities in Southeast Asia, giving them a chance to go to school and to learn how very special they are to Jesus.

Thank you, St. Andrew’s, for your partnership in this work to which God has called us. May His Kingdom come!