Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship May 2024

by | Apr 30, 2024

MAY 01 / JOHN 14:1-14
Please pray for Yenny (TfN trainee) to grow in her faith in the Lord.

MAY 02 / ACTS 10:34-48
Praise God that the school in Gapanau Island has obtained a permit to build additional classrooms. Please pray for the process to obtain operational permits for the upcoming elementary program.

MAY 03 / PSALM 98
Please pray for the school run by Tirta (TfN alumnus) and the local church to mutually support each other.

MAY 04-05 / PSALM 101
Pray for the financial needs of the school run by Harta (TfN alumnus) as they navigate the complexities of obtaining their school permit.

MAY 06 / PSALM 102:15-28
Pray for the safety of schools in the Papuan Highlands amidst tribal conflicts.

MAY 07 / PSALM 47
Vania (TfN trainee), wounded by traumatic childhood events, longs for divine healing and restoration from her brokenness. Please pray for her.

MAY 08 / PSALM 93
Pray for Neil (TfN trainee) to fulfill his 2024 resolutions of saving money and living healthily.

MAY 09 / ACTS 1:1-11
Please pray for Cammie’s (TfN trainee) two sisters in her home village who are in deep conflict.

MAY 10 / JOHN 17:6-19
The Ladybug Youth Development Center is searching for a new rental facility. May God provide the right location.

MAY 11-12 / PROVERBS 23:15-25
This Mother’s Day, let’s pray for all the women who have embraced the role of a mother in our lives. May God shower His blessings upon their hearts, health, and families.

MAY 13 / ACTS 1:12-26
Jessica (TfN intern) prays to see and love children as Jesus sees and loves them.

MAY 14 / ACTS 2:1-21
Rasi (MSI site leader) asks for prayer for safety in Papua amidst local political conditions.

MAY 15 / ACTS 2:22-47
Please pray for Dalia (TfN trainee) who is troubled and anxious.

MAY 16 / PSALM 1
Vano (TfN intern) plans to start outreach programs for children and youth in the Papuan Highlands. Please pray for courage and wisdom.

MAY 17 / PSALMS 5-6
Pray passionately for harmonious cooperation between school authorities and parents on Nipa Island, fostering an environment of growth and learning.

MAY 18-19 / PSALM 7
May God protect the teacher’s dormitory on Gapanau Island as it is often subject to theft.

MAY 20 / EZEKIEL 37:1-14
Please pray for Maria’s (TfN intern) family who is facing financial difficulties and the threat of losing their land and food source.

MAY 21 / JOHN 16:4B-22
The Ladybug Youth Development Center continues to reach out to poor children in urban areas. Please pray for this program.

MAY 22 / JOHN 16:23-33
Please pray for Mia (TfN intern) who frequently falls ill and worries about her family.

MAY 23 / ISAIAH 6:1-8
Pray for MSI’s partner school in Sorong as they are searching for land to build a permanent school building.

MAY 24 / ROMANS 8:1-17
Olivia (TfN intern) is troubled and longing for her family. She prays for well-being and health for her loved ones, especially her ailing mother.

MAY 25-26 / PSALM 29
Please pray for Gina (TfN intern) who yearns for God’s guidance to impact the community she is serving.

Please pray for Gail (TfN trainee) to remain joyful and have self-control to guide her heart and mind.

MAY 28 / LEVITICUS 23:1-14
Meli (TfN intern) prays for the opportunity to continue her service with TfN and impact young lives through Christian education.

MAY 29 / ISAIAH 56:1-8
Please pray for a permanent room for the computer lab at the school on the Island of Promise. Currently the lab utilizes the general auditorium.

MAY 30 / PSALM 81
Please pray for Patricia (TfN trainee) who is on a forgiveness journey. Pray for divine empowerment to release all grievances.

MAY 31 / LUKE 1:39-56
Lord, we want to end this month with hearts of praise. May our voices resound with triumph and our lives overflow with thanksgiving. Glory to God, forever and amen!

*TfN = TransformNation Teacher-Training Program
Code names are used to provide privacy.

Scripture Readings are taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (2024) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.