Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship August 2023

by | Jul 31, 2023

Praise the Lord for the results of the Go the Distance Challenge, in June and July, that will bless many children in Indonesia.

AUGUST 02 / ROMANS 9:1-18
Give thanks to God for Mustard Seed’s faithful supporters. May God bless their families, work, and ministries.

AUGUST 03 / ROMANS 9:19-33
Praise the Lord for the 12 TransformNation (TfN) teacher-trainees from Class G who graduated in June.

AUGUST 04 / ISAIAH 28:14-29
Please pray for the 12 new TfN interns who were sent in July to teach children in remote schools . May God prepare their hearts and strengthen their spirits.

AUGUST 05-06 / MATTHEW 14:13-36
We thank God that many parents and family members of the TfN trainees were able to travel from faraway villages to attend their graduation ceremony.

AUGUST 07 / DANIEL 7:15-28
Netia (TfN intern) is yearning to have a strong relationship with God as the foundation of her life and work. Please pray for her.

AUGUST 08 / GENESIS 37:1-20
Karin (TfN intern) is praying that she will be able to have a good relationship with the children and people she serves on Rusen Island.

AUGUST 09 / GENESIS 37:21-36
Tika (TfN intern) asks God to prepare her heart to have humility in teaching little children.

AUGUST 10 / PSALM 105:1-22
Tania (TfN intern) asks God to have the strength to be fully responsible for all the tasks she will have in the first year of her internship.

AUGUST 11 / PSALM 105:23-45
Please pray for Hannah (TfN trainee) to be consistent in her studies while in TfN.

AUGUST 12-13 / ROMANS 10:1-17
Please pray for Amy (TfN trainee) to be responsible in finishing all the duties and responsibilities entrusted to her.

AUGUST 14 / ROMANS 11:13-36
Antonio (TfN trainee) asks the Lord to give him a passion for studying and meditating on God’s Word.

AUGUST 15 / EZEKIEL 44:1-9
Please pray for Diego (TfN trainee) to have humility and a willingness to learn new things.

AUGUST 16 / PSALMS 133-134
Nina (TfN trainee) is struggling to release forgiveness and be open with her mentors. Please pray for her.

AUGUST 17 / MATTHEW 15:21-39
Tori (TfN trainee) is learning to be faithful in her relationship with God and to have perseverance. Let’s pray for her.

AUGUST 18 / MATTHEW 16:1-12
Joseph (TfN trainee) is preparing for his final year. He asks God to fill his spirit with fire.

Roman (TfN trainee) is praying for both physical and spiritual health.

AUGUST 21 / GENESIS 41:17-36
Please pray for Juanita (TfN trainee) who is struggling to trust Jesus’ love for her. May God help her unbelief.

AUGUST 22 / GENESIS 41:37-57
Dalia (TfN trainee) is praying for her family to have faith and trust in God. She believes that God will never forsake them. Please pray together with her.

AUGUST 23 / GENESIS 45:1-13
Gail (TfN trainee) is trying to be patient and walk in love towards those who have wronged her. She asks God for peace.

AUGUST 24 / MATTHEW 9:35-10:15
Please pray for Olivia (TfN trainee) who prays for her family to know Christ. Her father has been sick for a long time; may God help him to receive healing.

AUGUST 25 / EXODUS 1:8-2:10
Patricia (TfN trainee) is praying for her mother who has been sick and for her pregnant sister to make ends meet. Let us support her in prayer.

AUGUST 26-27 / PSALMS 122-124
Please pray for Neva (TfN trainee) who asks God to guide her in leading her small group. She also prays to grow in her teaching skills.

AUGUST 28 / 2 CHRONICLES 24:14B-27
Please pray for Zeke (TfN trainee) who often gets sick. May God guide him to have a healthy lifestyle.

AUGUST 29 / MATTHEW 14:1-12
Neil (TfN trainee) is praying for his parents to get a job and for his brother to get accepted into a senior high school.

AUGUST 30 / MATTHEW 16:21-28
Please pray for Ellen (TfN trainee) to learn to forgive and love the people around her.

AUGUST 31 / EXODUS 3:1-15
Wanti (TfN trainee) is praying to be able to connect with God every day as she’s been busy with her exams.

Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.