Every child is a potential leader, a hope for the future. My first few years in Southeast Asia I spent time traveling throughout the beautiful islands, and everywhere I went I saw beautiful children full of potential, but with little opportunity. How could this be? I asked myself. At times this thought kept me awake at night. My heart was filled with compassion and deep love for these bare-footed kids running through the jungle.

TransformNation is, for me, the answer to this yearning in my heart to see the children all over Southeast Asia receive opportunity and meet Jesus. It’s a beckoning to the outermost villages, an empowering of their young, and a search for the rising leader. Over the last four years as TransformNation has begun to be formed, it has been incredible to watch it grow and blossom into a 5 - 11246849_1609281975986808_174974561739532790_oBfactory of discipleship, a place where students from all over Southeast Asia can come to learn, grow, be discipled, and draw nearer to the heart of God. TransformNation is empowering future teachers, leaders, and catalysts, who will go out all over Southeast Asia and give opportunity to those incredible kids running through the juggle bare-footed, void of opportunity.

If one teacher teaches 20 students in a year, and over that teacher’s career teaches for 20 years, then that teacher has influenced and discipled 400 children. We have just taken in our 5th cohort of students, increasing the total number of participants to 37. Each of these 37 students will go out throughout the villages of Southeast Asia and influence hundreds of children, pouring out their lives, and making permanent, long lasting impact.

TransformNation is still growing. Our 10 new students are eager to learn, excited to grow, and hungry to bring Jesus to their little sisters and brothers in villages all over Southeast Asia. We will continue to strive to become a foremost Christian educator training program for students of all backgrounds, with an emphasis on training teachers from and for the under-resourced areas of Southeast Asia. With the future in sight and our little brothers and sisters in mind, we have a clear goal: empowering a generation.

by Wilson