Beautiful Feet

Journey & discover the beautiful feet of those who bring glad tidings to children all across Indonesia

Children's Corner

Teaching children compassion is a gift that keeps on giving. Below are some games and ideas to start encouraging your child to bless others.

In Their Shoes

Help your children to understand about the challenging lives other kids might have. The video will show you some footage of what children living in remote villages are experiencing:
Together, watch the video above and continue with the game questions below:

Back to School

Students in North America are enjoying being back to school. But many of students living in remote villages can't go back to school.

Notes for Parents

Download the coloring page below.

Explain to your child that many students can't go back to school because they need to work to help their parents, many schools are too far from their homes, their parents simply can't afford the tuition, or there is no teacher available.

Challenge your child to color the page based on the instructions. When they finish coloring, explain to them that together you can support a child in continuing their education.

Have your child write a card with a prayer, an encouraging word or a Bible verse, and send the card along with your support to Mustard Seed's office.

Prayer Warrior

This lesson shows your children that in prayer they can ask God to bless the poor and help those in need

Notes for Parents

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24, ESV)

Explain to your child that we have learned about the lives of children living in poverty and remote villages. We know that we can make a difference. Remember, helping people is an opportunity given to us by God.

You can start helping those in need by praying.

When you pray, you open your heart to God to receive the compassion that He has for us, so that you can become a cheerful giver.

You can also pray for God to give them strength to handle the difficulties of their own lives with grace, and cherish the gifts that He gives.

More Resources

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