Empowering Young Hearts for Christ

by | Mar 15, 2024

MSI’s Lab School blesses their city by helping local youth grow closer to Christ. Through M Youth Center (MYC), hundreds of youth receive discipleship and mentorship each year. Marking their 22nd anniversary this March, the Director of M Youth Center shared their milestones and vision:

Why does MYC exists and why do the youth need it?
The center aims to reach and win local youth for Christ, nurture them to grow holistically, and guide them to live fruitful lives according to their callings. We collaborate with schools, churches,and Christian institutions in this city. There are more than 100,000 teenagers living in this city, many of them are facing challenges and they seek positive guidance. Thousands of students who study at the local public schools have limited to no access to Christian discipleship. We want to reach out to them and provide them with mentorship. The teens that we serve today are future leaders and we believe that the seeds planted in their hearts will grow and bless their families and this city.

Can you share some of the key milestones this year?
MYC has been entrusted by seven local public schools to provide Christian fellowship and small groups for 168 students. We collaborated with a local Christian school to serve 100 students in their youth group and conducted youth retreats and Christmas activities for hundreds of teens from local organizations. Additionally, MYC is part of the city’s Christian Teachers Network, providing them with youth teaching and training modules. We have also equipped our staff and teaching team with counseling skills and support.

What are the challenges that youth are facing today?
• Social media has become their benchmark for lifestyle and mindset
• Gadget addiction
• Lack of coping skills when facing mental distress
• Broken and dysfunctional families
• Post-pandemic unstable economic conditions
• Lack of mentorship

How does MYC create a safe and supportive environment for students to share their struggles?
MYC creates a safe environment by building trust through healthy relationships and emphasizing openness as the start of healing. Small groups are limited to 5-8 teens for private discussions and mentors are trained to be open and share their own struggles to help form a bond that encourages teens confide in their mentors. Mentors also encourage the group to have a non-judgemental environment and offer prayer and guidance for students to experience God’s presence in their lives.

How does MYC encourage students to develop a personal relationship with Christ, and what resources or support does the organization provide to help them on their spiritual journey?
Our team consists of people with backgrounds in theology, Christian education, and psychology. We develop tailored curriculum to guide them in their spiritual journey. We share stories about Jesus in a way that is easy to understand. We encourage habits like having quiet time, studying the Bible, praying, and sharing what God is doing in their lives.

How do you envision the program evolving to continue meeting the changing needs of the youth?
Our goals include:
• Having discipleship groups in almost all high schools in this city
• Training at least 100 Christian mentors to serve teens, collaborating with the students at the local Bible school
• Opening a café as a meeting space for the youth
• Providing a space for teens to grow their various talents like music, sports, technology, arts and culture, in order to bless the people of this city
• Collaborating with local churches and organizations to develop various modules for youth camps, retreats, and workshops


Main photo: MYC Youth retreat.
Photo below: MYC leadership team.