February 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Jan 31, 2021

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February 2021


“February is the month of love. God is love. We celebrate the love that God has poured into the hearts and minds of Mustard Seed’s TransformNation (TfN) teachers-in-training. Let’s pray their prayers with them throughout February.

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Praise God! I’m learning to accept and take responsibility better by thanking God for every opportunity. (Ranata, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 2 / LUKE 2:22-40
I want to be a teacher who is willing to give my time and strength to my students. Please pray for me. (Tori, 1st year)

FEBRUARY 3 / ISAIAH 40:21-31
Praise God! I have friends in the dorm who love me and encourage me to keep studying and not give up easily. (Jelia, 2nd year)

Please pray that my heart will be humble and be ready to learn. (Dorina, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 5 / 1 COR. 9:1-14
Pray for me to become a dedicated teacher based on purpose and not only because of the salary. (Juanita, 1st year)

FEBRUARY 6 – 7 / MARK 1:29-39
Please pray that I have a sincere heart in serving God and being faithful. (Hannah, 1st year)

FEBRUARY 8 / 2 KINGS 2:1-14
For every decision or choice made, pray that what I choose will be from God. (Lucy, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 9 / 2 KINGS 5:1-15
Pray for my heart to serve sincerely and full of passion. Pray that from my heart I’ll long to build my relationship with God. (Tika, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 10 / 1 COR. 10:14–11:1
Pray for the people who support me and love me. They are precious to me. (Dorina, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 11 / 2 COR. 4:1-12
Pray with me that I will be faithful to God and to the eight-year TransformNation program. (Karin, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 12 / 2 COR. 4:13–5:10
Pray for insight as I begin my research on motivating college students to go to church. (Martin, 4th year)

FEBRUARY 13 – 14 / MARK 1:40-45
Give thanks to God who holds me up. It’s like He’s saying, “Don’t give up, let’s go!” (Ranata, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 15 / MARK 9:14-29
Pray for God to bring peace to Papua. (Evan, 4th year)

FEBRUARY 16 / 2 COR. 5:11–6:10
Pray for my sick father. While I long to be with him I pray for God’s comfort. (Puria, 3rd year)

Pray for a strong relationship with God, so that I will rely on Him with all my heart. (Lani, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 18 / JOEL 1:1-15
Please pray for my family that one day Jesus will reveal Himself to them so they will dwell in Father's house. (Antonio, 1st year)

FEBRUARY 19 / JOEL 1:16–2:11
Pray for passion to teach and be strong enough to overcome my nervousness when standing in front of people. (Lani, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 20 – 21 / JOEL 2:12-32
Pray for resilience and persistence upon me so I can achieve God's plan through the TfN program. (Diego, 1st year)

Pray with me for ways to carry out worship services where people truly meet with God, not just follow a routine. (Martin, 4th year)

Pray for my father to come to his senses and stop gambling. (Karin, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 24 / GENESIS 17:17-27
Give thanks for the community groups I joined on campus. They help me grow in the Lord. (Ranata, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 25 / PSALM 22:1-15
Pray for the members of the group that I lead to grow in Christ and to know Him more. (Yelsa, 3rd year)

FEBRUARY 26 / PSALM 22:16-31
Thank God for showing me the attitude of my heart in being quick to judge others and not always seeing that I’m even worse. (Netia, 2nd year)

FEBRUARY 27 – 28 / ROMANS 4:1-12
Pray that the Lord will nudge me in the right topic to discuss in my thesis next year. (Puria, 3rd year) 


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