God is the Defender of the widow and the fatherless (Deut 10:18). Three years ago, Paul’s Richardson’s close friend and ministry partner, Timoteus, died while saving the life of others who were drowning in the waves of a beach not far from us. The tragic news went around the world.  You can read an article Paul wrote about tragic day by clicking here.

Pak Timotes and FamilyYou prayed with us for his widow Ruthy and their five children.  God stirred in many hearts to participate in building them a home. The level of your generosity was inspiring.

Well, after three years of many ups and downs, the home has finally been completed. On a night early in the New Year, a crowd of friends and relatives gathered to dedicate the new home to the Lord.  Ruthy told me with a smile of delight, “I feel so happy.”  We sang, prayed, and ate together in celebration of the faithfulness and goodness of God, who has held Ruthy through the darkest of valleys.  She stood before us and shared that in the months before his death, Timoteus had repeatedly encouraged her that “The Lord is our shepherd.”

Ruthy has asked us to share her gratitude with you. Please continue to pray for them, as they seek to honor the Lord in their lives and with their home.

— Cyndi Richardson



P.S. Here's Ruthy and four of the children at the house dedication (The other son fell asleep!)

Ruthy's new house




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