Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – July 2014

With the simple assurance that God hears, cares, and responds,

we bring our praises and requests before His throne.

Thank you for your prayer support.

By the grace of God three teachers have graduated from the teacher training program this year. They have moved to where the need is greatest. We give thanks for the love they have for children, their country and willingness to serve in isolated communities. Subscribe to the e-newsletter to meet our new teacher, Dian.

In this months prayer fellowship we have included:

  • Prayer for the purchase of land
  • Prayer for Indonesia’s elections
  • Prayer for Mustard Seed Taiwan
  • Prayer for Spiritual protection

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July 1 Colossians 3.1-17 Give thanks for opportunities embraced by Mustard Seed students to serve others.

July 2-4 Habakkuk 1-3 Ask God to bring forward a local leader to help May with the junior classes blessing trips and give thanks for the local leader who is leading this program for grades 7 to 12. The students are inspired to give their all. And they do! Praise God.

July 5 Romans 7.1-25 Give thanks for Mr. Paul and Mrs. Faythe and the love and encouragement they give to Pastor Santosa’s community. Give thanks for the big pile of books they delivered earlier this year.

Sunday, July 06 Matthew 11.1-19 Remember your sisters and brothers around the world as you worship today.

July 7 Matthew 11.20-30 There is a dream to purchase land for camping where children could leave the crowed city and experience nature.

July 8-10 Matthew 12.1-50 On July 9, Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy elects a president for a five year term. Pray for political stability and integrity.

July 11 Matthew 13.1-17 Pray for the boards of directors’ as they plan for an International meeting in Southeast Asia later this year.

July 12 Matthew 13.18-30 Uphold Anne, Maggie and Wei-Chen as they lead Mustard Seed in Taiwan.

Sunday, July 13 Psalm 119.97-112 Pray for churches and Christian schools around the world who share our faith but may not share our freedom.

July 14 Romans 8.18-39 Pray for the kindergartens. Give thanks for the books provided by early childhood educators here at home.

July 15 Genesis 25.19-34 Wren led the teachers-in-training on a prayer retreat. Join them in their prayers for hearts that are ready, obedience to God and their leaders, wisdom, and surrender.

July 16 Genesis 27.41-28.5 In the retreat’s silent time they heard God say everyone needs Him, forgive others, and obey God. And they heard God say,”Serve with a humble heart, diligence, and integrity.” Praise God.

July 17 Genesis 28.6-22 Give thanks for Vita and her love for the people of S-village. She continues to mentor them spiritually from afar.

July 18-19 Psalm 139.1-24 Give thanks for the pastor and his wife Novi in S-village. Novi is a loving teacher, and the adults are beginning to believe.

Sunday, July 20 Matthew 13.31-43 Remember Pastors Sani, Santosa, Sendi, Rasi and Dumadi as they lead worship today. Praise God for the youth who lead alongside of them.

July 21 Matthew 13.44-58 For MSI’s many working teams, pray for spiritual protection, unity, and wisdom as they share their joy in the Lord.

July 22 John 20.1-18 Give thanks for the grace shown to newer team members at each campus.

July 23-24 Genesis 29 Pray for Pastor Santosa and his wife Leah as they lead the high school students in finding improved agricultural methods.

July 25 Matthew 20.17-34 Pastor Santosa’s dream of a Bible school on campus is becoming a reality. Praise God.

July 26 Psalm 105.1-22 The leader of the empowerment centre is relocating to a very poor neighbourhood. He has a strong sense of vision for the work to be done in this area. Pray for provisions.

Sunday, July 27 Psalm 105.23-45 Praise God for his faithfulness and the faithfulness of Mustard Seed’s Southeast Asian leaders.

July 28 Genesis 30.1-21 Pray for the Board of Directors- Bill, Bob, Brian, Craig, Chris, John, Mark, Paul, Ron, Scott and Winston-and for the planning taking place for an International Mustard Seed meeting in Southeast Asia.

July 29 Genesis 30.22-43 The end of Ramadan is celebrated today. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enter into the conversations at the festivities.

July 30 Genesis 31.43-32.12 Pray that in the busy lives of Mustard Seed leaders they would pursue meaningful time with their families

July 31 Genesis 32.13-32 Give thanks for Mustard Seed workers here at home: Mike, Lucie, Stacey, Lisa, and Loletta.

August 1 Psalm 17.1-15 Give thanks for the Christian schools who partner with Mustard Seed’s Southeast Asian schools.

August 2 Matthew 14.13-21 Give thanks for the many people who support Mustard Seed in prayer and financially.

August 3-4 Romans 9 Give thanks for the Sendi’s and their family of 70 children at the children’s home on Bali. Pray for energy and patience as they continue the after-school program caring for children in the neighborhood.