July 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Jul 1, 2021

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Prayer Fellowship

July 2021


Praise God for Mustard Seed partners who keep the work alive through prayer and financial sacrifice.

JULY 2 / 2 SAMUEL 5:1-13
Please pray for Paul who needs to decide his next plan. He has a strong desire to go back to his village to start a school with three locations to choose from. He needs God’s guidance.

Praise the Lord that Randy feels positive as he sees how many children’s lives have changed during his time on Gapanau Island. He asks us to pray against the corrupt, abusive environment that threatens little girl’s lives.

We give thanks for Harta, Evan, and Martin who have received God’s vision to pioneer a Christian school in the Papuan Highlands. May God lead their preparation in teaching, farming skills, and relationship building with the locals.

JULY 6 / AMOS 6:1-14
Please pray for our students’ families to personally know God’s love in their lives.

JULY 7 / AMOS 7:1-17
Please pray for our students who struggle with their negative thoughts and low self-esteem. May God provide ways to restore their true identity in Christ.

JULY 8 / AMOS 8:1-14
Praise the Lord for the children at Slippery Rock’s Children’s Home who finish their junior and senior years. May God provide ways to keep them in school and college.

JULY 9 / AMOS 9:1-15
Pray for MSI field worker, Wren. Although he suffers from a chronic health condition, he is a faithful teacher and mentor to his online students.

JULY 10 – 11 / 2 SAMUEL 7:1-17
Praise God for the good health of Wren and Angie’s three children. May their love for the Lord increase with each passing day.

JULY 12 / PSALM 89:1-18
Please pray for the team on Nipa Island to be able to build meaningful relationship with the community living around the school.

JULY 13 / PSALM 89:19-37
Praise God for Evan who has received a vision from God to build a school, complete with a laboratory, art room and sports center. Please pray that this school will bring peace in the middle of tribal wars.

JULY 14 / PSALM 89:38-52
Lord we ask for protection and health for all our workers who minister in remote places, far from health facilities. May your blood wash and cover them against all viruses and bacteria that may harm them.

JULY 15 / 2 SAMUEL 7:1-17
Please pray for the conflict over land between the government and the locals on the Island of Promise and Rusen Island. We bless the people and we believe that a good thing will come out of this challenge.

JULY 16 / JEREMIAH 23:1-20
We stand in faith that God will bring another 40 new students this year at Blessing Preschool. May God open ways for this little school to bless the multicultural community around the school.

JULY 17 – 18 / JEREMIAH 23:21-40
We stand in faith that God will bring another 25 students for K school, so we can keep serving the multicultural community around.

JULY 19 / MARK 6:30-44
Please pray for the teenagers whose lives are impacted by the ministry of M Youth Centre. May the relationship between TfN students and the teens they mentor make both of them grow stronger in Christ.

JULY 20 / EPHESIANS 3:1-21
Let us join Kiera in praise that her Bible study continues to be well attended and TfN trainees are receiving life changing revelations.

JULY 21 / JOHN 6:1-21
Please pray for unity for the leaders at C Empowerment Centre so they can build each other up and maximize their capacity in helping students who struggle with their study.

JULY 22 / JOHN 20:1-18
Give thanks for the supporters who blessed the hearts of the children at Seeds of Hope (SOH) on an island heavily impacted by the Covid-19 virus. Their struggle is real.

JULY 23 / 2 SAMUEL 11:1-13
Praise God that SOH was able to make a temporary renovation to the boys’ dorm as they prepare for a larger renovation next year. God is their Provider!

JULY 24 – 25 / 2 SAMUEL 11:14-27
Please pray for Constance whose parents don’t understand her calling and want her to leave the TfN program. May God give her strength and wisdom to communicate with her parents.

JULY 26 / MARK 10:35-45
We pray for TfN students who long to find their future spouse. May God guide them to meet partners with the same heart and calling so that they can minister together wherever they go.

JULY 27 / PSALM 78:1-20
We praise the Lord that Mustard Seed’s partner school on Gapanau Island is thriving and planning to start an elementary school.

JULY 28 / PSALM 78:21-39
Lord, please bless TfN intern, Jonathan’s plans to get married to his fiancée this year. May God provide everything they need.

JULY 29 / PSALM 78:40-55
Thank you Lord for the progress being made at CI school in Java. May they excel in their work and be able to expand their educational facilities.

JULY 30 – 31 / PSALM 78:56-72
Mustard Seed’s Lab School has been a channel of God’s blessing to all our sites in Indonesia. Lord, bless the leaders, staff, and teachers to be united and work together in serving students and their families.

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