Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship July 2023

by | Jun 30, 2023

JULY 01-02 / COLOSSIANS 3:1-17
Happy Canada Day! Blessings on all friends of Mustard Seed in Canada. God bless you with strength, longevity, and purpose today and every day.

Please pray for the father of Evan (TfN intern) who has been sick with a respiratory infection for 8 years.

Happy 4th of July to all friends of Mustard Seed in the USA. May wisdom, joy, health, prosperity, and blessings be with you always.

JULY 05 / GENESIS 22:1-19
Please pray for the administration process for the school on Nipa Island. May God open doors and give them favor.

JULY 06 / GENESIS 24:1-25
Those responsible for the arson at the Obany School in the Papuan Highlands have not been found, but we
rejoice that school activities have returned to normal.

JULY 07 / GENESIS 24:26-49
Please pray for several children on Celebes Island who need extra help with their studies.

JULY 08-09 / GENESIS 24:50-67
Please pray for protection, especially for girls and female teachers, at the Obany School.

JULY 10 / MATTHEW 12:1-21
We rejoice for Harta (TfN alumnus) and his new bride. May the Lord bless this new family.

JULY 11 / MATTHEW 12:22-37
Roni (TfN alumnus) is longing for a close relationship with Jesus every moment of every day.

JULY 12 / MATTHEW 12:38-50
The students at Tirta’s village school in Papua need school supplies. Please pray for them.

JULY 13 / MATTHEW 13:1-23
Harta’s village school is planning to open primary classrooms to continue serving their kindergarten graduates. May God bless and provide for this plan.

JULY 14 / GENESIS 25:1-18
Praise God for TfN trainees who are able to build lifechanging relationships with the teens at M Youth Center.

JULY 15-16 / GENESIS 25:19-34
Please pray for the students from seven national schools who are mentored through M Youth Center. May they, through the help of this program, continue to grow their faith in the midst of challenges.

Please pray for Jessica and her fellow teachers who are facing persecution at the moment. May they remember Daniel and our great God who is able to deliver.

JULY 18 / PSALM 139:1-18
Please pray for the Javanese village kids served through the TfN community service project. May they continue to experience God’s favor.

JULY 19 / ROMANS 8:1-17
Praise the Lord that the TfN leadership team has finished the recruitment process. We will soon meet the new class of trainees.

JULY 20 / ROMANS 8:18-39
May God provide for the repair of the leaky roof at SOH.

JULY 21 / 2 CORINTHIANS 5:11-21
Please pray for a child caught stealing money at Slippery Rock. May God give wisdom to teach this child through love and discipline.

JULY 22-23 / MATTHEW 13:24-43
Every year aspiring teachers come from around Indonesia to learn Christian education in the Elevate Teacher Development Program. Praise God for this program!

JULY 24 / MATTHEW 13:44-58
Please pray for the fourteen Elevate teachers who finished their training in April. May they ignite their villages with a passion for learning.

JULY 25 / MATTHEW 20:20-34
Please pray for John (TfN intern), who is in his final year, that he remains faithful to his calling to serve Papuan children in the midst of temptation and challenges.

JULY 26 / ACTS 11:19-12:3
Please pray for Papuan children who are raised to believe in spirits and live in constant fear of the spirits’ power. May they know the truth and the truth set them free.

JULY 27 / GENESIS 29:1-14
Tabitha (TfN intern) feels called to build an education center in her village next year. Please pray that her dreams will come to fruition.

JULY 28 / GENESIS 29:15-35
We thank God that Amanda (TfN intern) has overcome her grief over the passing of one of her students on the Island of Promise. May God continue to bless her
compassionate heart.

JULY 29-30 / 1 KINGS 3:1-15
Praise God that the children at Kumbang Youth Center are progressing significantly.

JULY 31 / GENESIS 32:22-32
Let’s ask God to bless children through MSI. Ask the Lord to direct you to someone you can bless through prayer.


Code names are used to provide privacy.

Readings taken from the Daily Bible Reading Guide (year) created by the Canadian Bible Society. Used with permission.