Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – June 2014

Praise the Lord and pray in his name!

Tell everyone what he has done.

Sing praises to the Lord!

Tell about his miracles.

Celebrate and worship his holy name

with all your heart.

Psalm 105 1-3 CEV


Thank you for praying with us!

We’re giving thanks for the ten new students joining the teacher training program. They have been chosen for this four year program after interviewing 80 high school graduates.

In this month's prayer fellowship we have included:

  • Prayer for the new school in India
  • Prayer for a growing school with a broken down bus
  • Prayer for our leadership team
  • Prayer for ten new student teachers

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Sunday, June 1 John 17.1-11 Pray for yourself and for Mustard Seed children and leaders that all of us will know and experience the Father who gives good gifts to his children and who will complete the work he has given to us.

June 2 John 17.12-26Pray for Lucie Howell as she travels eastern Canada, sharing what God is doing through Mustard Seed with families and supporting churches.

June 2-5 John 7.1-52 Three graduate teachers, Dian, Lestari, and Xavier, are relocating to teach at Rasi’s school. The culture is different in this isolated community. Pray for their preparation, provisions, and time there.

June 6 Numbers 11.16-30 Ask God to prepare Linda fully for her move with the graduate teachers to work with kindergarten teachers.

June 7 1 Corinthians 12.1-13 Praise God for the miraculous healing of Linda’s wrist and for the loving connection she makes with children with her violin.

Sunday, June 8 Acts 2.1-21 Praise God for the demonstration of the Spirit’s awakening throughout Mustard Seed’s schools.

June 9-10 Psalm 104 Sing a hymn of praise to God. Pray for Mustard Seed leaders to connect with the rhythms of what God has ordained.

June 11 Acts 11.19-30 India, the world’s largest democracy, went to the polls in May hoping to bring change for a better India. Pray for the newly elected officials.

June 12 Acts 13.1-12 MSI’s work with the Good News Children’s Education Mission (GNCEM) has opened a church in Gangojoar, India, where there are no believers. It offers a nursery and kindergarten for the local people. Praise God for Godly teachers for this community.

June 13 Genesis 1.1-19 SC Academy is in a school that is rented for $4,500 a year. The lease is coming up for renewal. Pray for provisions.

June 14 Genesis 1.20-2.4a The school bus that brings the children to SC Academy needs major motor repairs. Pray for provisions to rebuild the motor.

Sunday, June 15 Proverbs 4.1-13 I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. Vs 11

June 16 Psalm 8.1-9 Tell God your heart’s desire for Mustard Seed. Ask Him to direct you to someone with whom to share your prayer.

June 17 Genesis 21.1-21 Pray for Lari as he accepts the additional role of pastoral care for the team of expatriates.

June 18 Jeremiah 20.7-18 Give thanks for Lari as he leads the team through a study called Intimacy with the Almighty.

June 19 Psalm 86.1-17 The Richardsons’ expatriate team comes from Australia, Canada, and the United States. Praise God for bringing them together for His Glory.

June 20 Matthew 10.1-15 Pray for clarity in the development of the roles for newer teammates.

June 21-Sunday, 22 Matthew 10.16-42 The newest teammates from Australia ask for prayers for diligence and help with language lessons and for a good night sleep in such a noisy environment.

June 23 Acts 13.13-26 Thank God for ongoing wisdom in developing the teacher-training program.

June 24 Luke 1.57-80 Pray for the ten first-year teachers-in-training as they adjust to the culture of their new home city, university, and dorm life.

June 25 Romans 6.1-23 Pray for more local mentors to come alongside the new students.

June 26 Genesis 22.1-19 Ask God to raise up new sponsors to support the student teachers as they prepare for a life of service.

June 27 2 Kings 4.1-17 Thank God for the encouragement and work of teams visiting this summer. Pray for their safety and effectiveness.

June 28 Psalm 87.1-7 Praise God for Mustard Seed volunteers here at home in North America and for those who willing share the work of Mustard Seed with friends.

Sunday, June 29 John 21.1-19 Asthe month of Ramadan begins today, pray for God to reveal his truth to people seeking him.

June 30 2 Timothy 4.1-8 Pray that the hope of Christ’s peace among the nations will be heard by all.