June 2020 Prayer Calendar

by | Jun 1, 2020

Mountain Movers

Prayer Fellowship

June 2020


“Then you will call to the Lord, and He will answer you. You will cry out to Him, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’”

Isaiah 58:9

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JUNE 1 / EXODUS 34:10-35 Let’s unite our hearts and ask for God’s mercy on the nations, that the Covid-19 outbreak would come to an end and people would be healed.

JUNE 2  / DANIEL 3:16-30 We praise God that Christians and churches around the world continue to spread love. May we be able to convey messages of hope and deliver acts of kindness to help our neighbors.

JUNE 3 / GENESIS 1:1-2:4a We pray for all Friends of Mustard Seed who have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. May they encounter God’s provision in every area that they need it, in the name of Jesus!

JUNE 4 / PSALM 8:1-9 We praise God that our students, parents, and teachers remain strong and connected even though they have had to stay home for months during the pandemic.

JUNE 5 / 2 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13 We thank God that the teachers at our schools have been able to find creative ways to do distance learning with the students.

JUNE 6 – 7 / DEUTERONOMY 4:15-40 We praise God that all our TfN students are well and taking the necessary precautions in their dorms to keep them safe, motivated, and healthy.

JUNE 8 / ROMANS 1:1-17 We praise God for His blessing in protecting field workers, Grace and Indah, during their pregnancies. Both families welcomed healthy baby girls.

JUNE 9  / MATTHEW 9:18-38 We praise God for creativity, compassion, and courage shown during the crisis by our site leaders and teachers. They blessed healthcare workers, shared food with those in need, and found ways to remain faithful and hopeful in the face of adversity.

JUNE 10 / ACTS 11:1-18 Thank you Lord for giving our site leader on the Island of Promise a creative solution to his housing problem.

JUNE 11 / ACTS 11:19-30 Thank you for praying for Arti, one of our MSI staff members in Indonesia. Praise God she is cancer free!

JUNE 12 / ACTS 11:1-12 Lord, have mercy on our children at Seeds of Hope Children’s Home who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

JUNE 13-14 / PSALM 100:1-101:6 Please pray for our International Director and his wife. May God lead them as they navigate through challenges arising from the pandemic. May they be strong in leadership, wisdom, peace, creativity, and health.

JUNE 15 / PSALM 86:1-17 Please pray for the family of our International Director who is in the USA. Bless their children, parents, and siblings. Protect them against all sickness and disease.

JUNE 16 / ROMANS 6:1-14 Please pray for field workers, Lloyd & Grace, who are unable to return to the field at the end of their furlough due to Covid-19. May God fulfill all their needs for as long as they have to remain in their country of origin.

JUNE 17 / JEREMIAH 20:1-18 Please pray for field worker, Wilson, who may have to change her future plans due to the pandemic. May she sense God’s leading and grow in trusting Him with her future.

JUNE 18 / MATTHEW 10:32-42 Please pray for field worker, Kiera, who had to postpone her long awaited furlough due to Covid-19. Please pray that God would give her supernatural rest and joy as she waits to see her family and friends.

JUNE 19 / ACTS 13:13-35 Please pray for our students to stay enthusiastic while studying at home. May they harness self-control and discipline amid the challenges.

JUNE 20 – 21 / ACTS 13:36-52 Happy Father’s Day! God, we ask for wisdom, humility, and strength for fathers as they embrace the role of parenting, mentoring, and leading.

JUNE 22 / GENESIS 22:1-19 God, we ask for Your full protection for remote villages that lack healthcare facilities and/or access to clean water. Keep the people safe, especially our students, teachers, and parents.

JUNE 23 / PSALM 62:1-12 Please pray for children in remote villages who have been absent from school for months and have not been able to connect online.

JUNE 24 / LUKE 1:57-80 Please pray for Papuan teachers who are stuck at our lab school due to airport closures. Keep them safe and healthy so they can return to their villages.

JUNE 25 / JEREMIAH 28:1-17 Please pray for the children at the Slippery Rock Children’s Home who are struggling to apply good hygiene habits.

JUNE 26 / PSALM 89:1-18 Praise the Lord that Nipin, a teen at Slippery Rock Children’s Home, has returned and is trying to improve. Please pray for his broken family to be healed.

JUNE 27 – 28 / ROMANS 6:15-23 Please pray for the provision needed to repair the girl’s dorm at Slippery Rock Children’s Home so that they can remain safe and healthy.

JUNE 29 / 2 TIMOTHY 3:10 – 4:5 Please pray for TfN students who are struggling with online learning as they are unfamiliar with using computers and the internet.

JUNE 30 / 2 TIMOTHY 4:6-22 Please pray for the local governments on all of our sites to have wisdom in making the best decisions to help people cope with the pandemic in all sectors.

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