Life on the River Village

by | May 3, 2020

Life on the River Village

For many of us, these days might feel terribly uncomfortable. There are restrictions, confusion, and uncertainty. Our daily routines have changed. Can we embrace these challenges as an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone? Maybe you can share one good thing that comes out of your uncomfortable situation

We feature here a short article written by Jojo. At the age of 10, he volunteered and travelled to a remote village where a Mustard Seed children’s home is located. As a North American, Jojo experienced a life way outside his comfort zone.

Can you imagine being at a place where people live in houses on stilts on top of the river? There is such a place! Come with me and I’ll show you.

You get in a motored canoe and as you ride the air feels refreshing. You can reach down and touch the river. We stop, but we’re not there yet. There’s a gas station on a dock in the middle of the river.

It took an hour for you to get there. You look around and there’s the village. It is on top of the river! You start walking on the dock to get to the place that you’re going to stay. As you walk you look around and you see a big wooden box on the top of the dock with a door on it. You go inside and you see a hole at the bottom of the box. It’s the bathroom! When you get out, you see people bathing and brushing their teeth, washing their clothes and other things in the river. They even fish there!

At the village there are no stores. But that day the store came floating full of their necessities. You have lots of fun playing with the kids but now is time to leave. You hop on the boat and you realize that the village life revolves around the river. It is their life sources!