A Loving Family at Seeds of Hope

by | Feb 12, 2021

As we celebrate the month of love, we are happy to share with you a story from Seeds of Hope Children’s Home in Bali, Indonesia.


“I was just 10 years old when I learned how bitter life could be. My siblings and I were forced into uncertainty when our parents sent us to live with someone else,” Lian said.

Lian’s family migrated to Bali from their small village in search of new opportunities. Soon after their arrival, Lian's parents realized that without proper employment, they couldn't feed three children and pay their rent. Things went from bad to worse when Lian’s father got sick with a complicated disease.

“They came here asking for help,” said Rosa, the director of Seeds of Hope (SOH) Children’s Home. “Our goal here at SOH is to love and care for every child that walks through our doors, no matter where they come from. As long as we have rooms available, we accept every child in need.” Mr. and Mrs. Sendi, the founders of SOH, embraced Lian and her siblings as their own children.

“Slowly, I began to accept the love of my new parents,” Lian confessed. Together, with the other 40 children at SOH, Lian and her siblings received care, shelter, food, and education. They also learned responsibility, time management, life-skills, and much more. “The one thing I learned about most here is that God loves me.” Lian recalls.

The love, care, and education that Lian and her siblings received changed their lives. Once they felt safe and loved, they excelled in school. They graduated from vocational high school programs. Lian’s sister graduated with a degree in hospitality and managed to secure a good job, while Lian just completed her nursing program a couple of months ago.

“I am so grateful for Mustard Seed; because of their ministry, the children at SOH receive loving care,” said Lian. “We wouldn't be where we are today without the love of Mr. and Mrs. Sendi.”

Seeds of Hope Children’s Home has raised hundreds of children, many of which have become respectable leaders in their communities.

Right now, there are 40 children being raised by Seeds of Hope Children's Home. Would you like to help them? With a donation of only $30 per month, you can help them to receive food, education, discipleship, and a loving home.

See all of their smiling faces in the video they sent with Christmas greetings in December. Enjoy their video below!