March 2021 Prayer Calendar

by | Feb 27, 2021

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Prayer Fellowship

March 2021


MARCH 1 / EXODUS 20:1-17
Praise God that Class H have settled in pretty well, started their online studies, and several members have joined the Bible Study.

Praise God, that Kiera was able to extend her working visa without any administrative delays. She has been granted permission to continue serving in the field for an additional 5 years.

Lord, please pray for the new class of TfN students, to face new tasks, like computer programs, with faith and determination instead of fear.

We praise the Lord for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. May this breakthrough help us to progress in overcoming the pandemic.

We pray for our students, teachers and leaders in the field who are still struggling with the impact of the pandemic. May God open doors, provide for their needs, and heal the sick.

MARCH 6 – 7 / JOHN 2:13-25
Pray God’s blessing on congregations who suffer long stretches without meeting in person because of the pandemic. May they feel unity in the Lord.

MARCH 8 / PSALM 69:1-18
Give thanks for the faithfulness of Mustard Seed’s partners; through prayers, providing scholarships, and giving for the children’s care.

MARCH 9 / PSALM 69:19-36
Praise God for the relationship that develops between teacher trainees and the people who support them. They encourage each other!

MARCH 10 / PSALM 107:1-22
Pray for Brian, Erin, Lisa, and Stephanie as they carry out their office responsibilities at Mustard Seed. Pray for good health and for their families.

MARCH 11 / NUMBERS 21:1-9
Praise God for the success of the pig farm.
It’s generating income for the village schools.

MARCH 12 / JOHN 3:1-21
Pray for TransformNation Class E: Jessica, Samantha, Tommy, Caroline, Samuel, Evan, Maria, Lionel, and Martin, as they focus on their thesis while thinking ahead to their upcoming Internship placement.

MARCH 13 – 14 / JOHN 3:22-36
Praise God for the Laptop Matching Program. With 50 hours of work, many TfN students have earned personal laptops that help their online studies.

MARCH 15 / 2 CORINTHIANS 36:11-23
Give thanks for the construction of a dormitory for teachers that’s underway in Papua.

MARCH 16 / JEREMIAH 31:23-40
Pray for the work of Mustard Seed to be more widely known across North America in order to build up new partnerships.

MARCH 17 / PSALM 119:1-16
Pray for Eva, who returned home from her teaching placement to care for her mother when her father died. She is now teaching in her hometown.

MARCH 18 / PSALM 119:17-32
Please pray for Kiera to have great insight into the way to start tackling the teaching standards issue. She ask for patience & perseverance as she works on this.

MARCH 19 / LUKE 2:41-52
We thank God for the advancements in thinking and learning we have seen amongst several of the TfN students.

MARCH 20 – 21 / HEBREWS 4:14 – 5:10
Please pray that each member of our field team would pursue loving relationships as one body and would want to share honestly and freely with each other.

MARCH 22 / ISAIAH 42:1-13
We pray for Jules to have complete rest and a ton of enjoyment. Please give her strength to guide every TfN student who needs emotional & academic support.

MARCH 23 / ISAIAH 49:1-13
Please pray for the TfN staff team. May they would grow deeper in their knowledge of God and embrace His culture to transform old norms.

MARCH 24 / ISAIAH 50:1-11
We praise God that the leadership at MSI's Lab School is able to run the cell leadership course and for the enthusiasm of the participants.

MARCH 25 / HEBREWS 10:1-18
Praise the Lord that Kiera has gained a greater sense of what “good teaching” looks like and has the desire to keep pursuing it.

MARCH 26 / ISAIAH 52:13 – 53:12
We pray that our TfN students spend more quiet time with the Lord as the semester goes on and they face challenges.

MARCH 27 – 28 / PHILIPPIANS 2:1-11
Please pray for TfN students who practice teaching in local schools. May they build life-changing relationships with the students they serve.

MARCH 29 / MARK 11:12-13
We pray for the spiritual growth of every TfN intern. May their hearts be pure as they become a blessing and hope to children in the remote areas.

MARCH 30 / MARK 12:1-27
Please pray for strength for those who serve in the field with obstacles like intermittent internet, limited facilities, and unsupportive communities.

MARCH 31 / MARK 14:1-21
May the love and peace of God the Father be with you and your family both now and forever and may the Lord Jesus bless you.

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