Celebrating Creative Hearts and Minds. 

Nine year old Olivia Lila has a heart to bless other children. Doing what she loves to do was all it took.
Baking cookies, making lemonade and creating bracelets net her $300 in sales all to be spent on 25 children she only knew through stories about a remote tribal village in Southeast Asia. A village, whose desperate cry for a school was answered by Mustard Seed and now so much was needed for their children.

We give thanks to God for Olivia Lila making it possible for a visiting team to place a copy of God’s own Word into the hands of the believers in S-Village.

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Translation of the postcard: Lila, thank you for the Bible and the bracelet. Lila, you love baking, don’t you? I know that from grandfather and grandmother. I love cooking too, but I cook veggies, not cake. Lila, you’re good. Thank you Lila. Lila you’re amazing. Lila you believe in Christ. Lila you can do it. From Gigin



One of the things we are doing is converting used water bottles into mosquito killing devices. As you know many of these children become ill from mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.  My research led me to use carious colors to attract different species of mosquitoes to the device. It was not until 8 years later that a nurse missionary we were helping in Kenya, told me the colors were also the wordless Gospel. Praise God, He knew what I was doing before I did. May God continue to bless you as you serve children and spread the Gospel. -TK

Thanks for sharing TK. God bless you!