9.BaptismsThank you for calling my attention to Mustard Seed. This work touches my soul. At this time I have little money but I can pray.  So – I will stand in the gap for this ministry and your amazing people. Though you work in a dark place the Lord is your light.

Love AR

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Where have you seen intentional generosity?

As my husband and I travelled east meeting MSI supporters we came to recognize intentional generosity. Freshly peanut butter cookies came out of the oven as we arrived.  Tea, coffee, undivided attention, stories. But when our car broke down and a rental vehicle helped us keep our Friday afternoon appointment we experienced extreme generosity, the offer of a room…. for day one, two, three, indefinitely led to six nights.  We were accepted into the rhythm of the family, breakfast, devotions and prayer, yard work, church, Bible study, barbecue with Gideon representatives, dinner at the neighbors.  Extreme intentional generosity. That’s what Mustard Seed supporters, Eric and Marilyn, extended to us on our delay on the East coast.

– Lucie Howell