One hour before Mt. Kelud erupted, the Indonesian volcano monitoring agency called for evacuation. Lives were spared, but the ash and gravel of the blast rained down up to 200 km away. The fertile ring of croplands around the mountain that fed over 200,000 people has been devastated.

Mustard Seed schools did not escape the fall-out of ash, but neighboring districts were worse off. Teachers and students acted quickly to scout-out where masks, water, and food were needed. They arrange transportation and game ideas to play with evacuated children. At first, some of the students were shy about approaching strangers, but later they were asking cars to stop, in order to give a mask to someone who didn't have one. Acting in love, Mustard Seed students are serving their community.

Supporting Mustard Seed provides tangible aid as students put the Gospel message into action, stepping out in service. We covet your prayers and invite your support.