Mountain Mover Prayer Fellowship – November 2014

With the simple assurance that God hears, cares, and responds, we bring our praises and requests before His throne.


In November’s prayer fellowship we –

  • Pray for advancements in agricultural methods to bless farming communities.
  • Pray for children who struggle in school.
  • Ask for grace and peace for teachers in training.

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Have you downloaded the November prayer fellowship yet?  If not please, click here to download Prayer Fellowship- November 2014

Nov. 1 Revelation 7.1-17 Pray for wisdom in designing Berkan to benefit the whole community.

Sunday, Nov. 2 Isaiah 26.1-19 Pray for the light and freedom of the Gospel to take root among the people of Pastor Santosa’s village who practice animistic beliefs that are dark and demonic.

Nov. 3-4 Joshua 24.1-33 18 Give thanks for Pastor Santosa and the farm school teachers. Pray for their love of the Lord and desire for new improved methods of agriculture to speak powerfully through their lesson planning.

Nov. 5-6 1 Thessalonians 3.6-4 Students come from neighboring villages to attend the farm school. Pray for spiritual protection and peace as they live together in the dormitory.

Nov. 7 Psalm 63.1-11 Pray for the Love of God to settle in the hearts of the students at this remote campus.

Nov. 8 Matthew 25.1-13 Give thanks for the Indonesian church in Canada and their partnership with Mustard Seed in the Lord’s work.

Sunday, Nov. 9 Zechariah 8.1-23 Join our brothers and sisters around the world singing songs of praise to our faithful God.

Nov. 10 Zechariah 9.1-17 Pray that Mustard Seed sponsored schools demonstrate the love and mercy of Christ in the way children are cared for. May each child’s potential be recognized.

Nov. 11 Isaiah 11.1-16 Give thanks for all who sacrifice so others will have the opportunity to hear the Word of God.

Nov. 12 1 Thessalonians 5.1-11 Give thanks for the reconstruction of Sani and Elka’s home and for everyone who helped.

Nov. 13 Judges 4.1-16 Pray for wisdom in adopting a long term strategy to combat flooding at Kasih Ibu children’s home and preservation of the buildings.

Nov. 14 Matthew 25:14-30 Pray for a high school graduate who has just accepted a teaching role in a village that does not have a school or the Gospel. Pray for this young woman to be strong in the Lord, able to teach, and quick to win the trust of the village.

Nov. 15 Psalm 122 Pray for the people of the village to embrace the Lord and the Gospel.

Sunday, Nov. 16 Psalm 128 Pray for Dumadi and Lena’s and the villagers worshipping at the church on the school campus.

Nov. 17 Psalm 100.1–101.6 Pray for children who struggle in school and give thanks for teachers who have wisdom and patience to each and every child.

Nov. 18 Ephesians 1.1- Pray God’s blessing on Yosua’s parents for allowing him to return to CNA for grade 3.

Nov. 19-21 Matthew 23.13-24.51 Pray for the work of the Empowerment Center (EC) located in a poor economic area. Young people come to the EC to learn computer skills.

Nov. 22 Matthew 25.31-46 Workers at the EC asks for your prayers for the young people coming to them for help. Pray too for those yet to come.

Sunday, Nov. 23 1 Corinthians 15.1-28 Rejoice with the EC today knowing that a client, a young boy named Samid, who was hospitalized recently because of malnutrition is doing much better.

Nov. 24 Matthew 6.22-34 The Richardson children are all enjoying their teen years. Birthday Blessings to Josiah today.

Nov. 25 Matthew 8.1-17 Arti has been working with a school where the teachers are studying for their teacher’s license. Pray they will be prepared for the exam in January.

Nov. 26 Matthew 8.18-34 Grace is offering ideas for lesson planning with the unlicensed teachers. Pray for her Indonesian language skills.

Nov. 27 Isaiah 64.1-12 On this American Thanksgiving day thank God for the freedom to worship and read His Holy Word.

Nov. 28 Mark 13.24-37 Mothers bring their children to school and wait for them. Pray for a team who can offer these uneducated women a special program.

Nov. 29 John 6.1-15 Pray for other practical things (books & toys, electronic & playground equipment for this school.

Sunday, Nov. 30 Zephaniah 1.1-18 Remember Mustard Seed expatriates in your prayers today; The Richardson’s, Lari & May, Wren & Angie, Lloyd & Grace, Wilson, Linda, the S’family, and the W’family.