Our Students Miss Their School

by | Sep 11, 2020

Our Students Miss Their School

Do your children miss school? Mine miss their friends. On Island of Promise our students miss their friends but they miss their school too. Two years ago, there was no affordable school. They miss being at school. They miss their teacher too. Could their teacher reach them via the Internet? Not in villages where phone signal is limited, and Internet connection is too expensive for most to afford.

Here’s how our school on the Island of Promise combine distant learning and face-to-face teaching. The students take turns attending school one day a week. Every teaching session at the school has a maximum of four students and a teacher. Teachers follow-up with a face to face session in the student’s home. The teachers prepare and send lessons ahead to the parents so everyone can work together to support the students’ learning at home.

Aside from preparing materials for home study, our teachers are working hard to keep the physical class vibrant, colorful, and interesting to stimulate learning. They want the children to feel welcomed and motivated when they visit their classroom. “I really miss my classroom, there’s no way to replace being at school because there are lots of fun games there,” said one student.

For students with special needs and families who are limited in providing distance learning facilities at home, their children are allowed to spend more private time with their teachers at school.

The school is also applying a new protocol which includes washing hands regularly and wearing masks during face-to-face sessions to avoid the spread of any viruses. The challenges are real, but it won’t stop us from loving our children and providing the best education they deserve!