My Life Has Changed through MSI's Soccer School

by | Sep 15, 2020

My Life Has Changed Through MSI's Soccer School

Medi was only 11 years old when he was lured into a drug gang on the streets of Papua. He was a child growing up on his own with little guidance from his step-parents who lived in another city. Medi was lonely and lacked confidence and he found acceptance in the drug gang. They taught him to sniff glue. The effect was mind-blowing, as he could feel himself flying and would then forget about his loneliness.

After a year, MSI site Leader, Rasi, found him and took him under his wing to Mustard Seed’s Soccer school. With a vision to shape future leaders of Papua, Rasi feels the urgency to save many youth who are trapped in drug abuse and addiction. “Papuans love soccer. I can see how soccer school can be a medium to reach out to youth living on the streets,” he said.

“The children trained in Soccer school will receive not only soccer techniques, but also character development, Godly values, and loving discipleship from the teachers,” he added. “This strategy will not only cut off the chain of addiction from drugs but will also provide a safe and loving environment for the children to grow and find purpose in life. We need to work together to develop future leaders who will save the next generation of Papuan people. The children can develop many positive leadership characteristics from playing soccer. For example, being a good team member, leading a team, appreciating rivals, respecting others, humility, and problem-solving,” Rasi said.

After becoming active in the club, Medi showed much improvement. In a year, he freed himself from the addiction and gained more confidence. He can now express his feelings better and chooses nice words when talking. Not only is his character changing, but he also found his passion and talent in soccer. Now, the team trusts him to be the leader and captain of their team. “My life has changed,” Medi said. “Thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity.”

Rasi dreams that each member of the club will have a transformative life changing experience while they play soccer together. At this time, they have 142 children aged 7-19 in their care. We invite you to support and pray for each member of the team, that they will find their God given potential and experience loving discipleship on their journey.

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