April 01 – 02 Psalm 118 Please pray for Wren, a faithful worker on the field. He has been struggling with a debilitating illness to the point of being bedridden due to the pain. Pray for the healing hand of God to be upon him.

Sunday April 03 John 20.19-31 Pray for all who lead and participate in Mustard Seed’s work overseas.

April 04-05 Revelation 1-2. 17 Pray for Elka who is pregnant. Pray that her baby will be born healthy as Elka was suffering from chicken pox.

April 06-07 Revelation 2.18-29:13 Pray for Pastor Santosa and the farmers to whom he is ministering. These farmers are rubber tree farmers and it takes 6-7 years to replace fully grown trees. Pastor Santosa has been teaching these farmers how to grow other vegetables as an alternative. Pray that the Lord will provide all that Pastor Santosa needs to assist and teach.

April 08-09 Revelation 3.14-5. 14 Thank the Lord for workers like Rasi, the leader at W- School. He has had a difficult journey after finding Christ while living on the streets.

Sunday April 10 John 21.1-19 Pray for the tribes and villages that have not yet heard the Good News that they will be reached.

April 11-12 Revelation 6 – 7. 17 Pray for Jules, a worker in the field office who is currently working on her doctorate in education. She also teaches the local language to the international workers. She is a vital person in the ministry.

April 13 Psalm 23.1-6 Pray for the 10 new students entering the teacher-training program, TransformNation. Pray that their walk with Christ will grow.

April 14-15 Zechariah 11 – 12. 14 Thank the Lord for Pastor Santosa whom Paul Richardson calls the Apostle Paul of the country. He was born and raised in the majority religion of the area. While on track to be a captain of a ship he encountered Christ in a dream. He was so struck by that encounter that he went and found some local Christians and after talking with them, accepted Christ and resigned from his job to go full time into the ministry. He is raising up young leaders to replace himself.

April 16 Acts 9.19b-31 Pray for Eric who runs the CE Centre where he’s created an environment for kids to learn. Thank the Lord for this leader and the work he has done.

Sunday April 17 Acts 9.32-43 Pray for TransformNation student Raymond; for his recovery after falling ill and spending three days in the hospital.

April 18-19 John 10.1-42 Pray that a new location will be provided for the CS school as they can no longer use the location where they are.

April 20 Acts 10.1-16 One of the boys’ dormitories requires a new foundation. Pray that the installation will be quick and the craftsmanship of high quality.

April 21-22 Acts 10.17-48 Pray that the past short-term missions trips have been fruitful and that a seed has been planted in W-village, near S-School and M-City. Pray for God to provide the workers to go into these fields when the harvest is ready.

April 23 Acts 11.1-18 Paul Richardson, international director of Mustard Seed will be touring North America this fall. Pray for the planning process and safe travels.

Sunday April 24 Revelation 21.1-21 Pray that the Lord provides for both Anton and Sinta as they are struggling with living expenses.

April 25 Mark 16.9-20 Thank the Lord for Dumadi, a site leader at the MH School. He provides excellent administrative support and keeps everything in order.

April 26-27 Zechariah 13 – 14. 21 Praise God for the Richardson’s daughter, Katie. Even now as she is attending school she is testifying to God’s greatness at a camp where 200 kids, whose parents are international workers, gathered from 79 countries and 18 different universities. Pray that the Lord will continue to use Katie powerfully.

April 28 Revelation 21.22–22.5 Thank the Lord for Sani and Elka who run a children’s home. Sani is an incredible leader and the children who emerge from his care are a solid testament to his leadership.

April 29-30 Acts 11.19-12.25 Pray for Torvald and Fay and their granddaughter as they return to the field. Pray that they will be a blessing to everyone they meet.