Aug 01-02 Colossians 3.12–4.18 Praise the Lord for the wonderful hosts and warm reception for Mustard Seed Director, Craig Jeffrey and his wife Carrie while he was down in California. We thank all the volunteers who graciously helped make these trips possible.

03-04 Isaiah 1.1-31 Anton started the CI School and is heading up the new site for TransformNation. Please pray for his son who has to undergo radiotherapy treatment in a hospital two hours away. Please pray for wisdom for Anton and his wife Sinta health and courage for their son and for the enough funds to pay for the treatments.

05 Hebrews 11.1-16 Praise the Lord for C Academy’s sixth high school graduation! The student body has exceeded 700 students from preschool to Grade 12.

06 2 Peter 1.1-21 Praise be to God for giving the teacher recruitment team knowledge and patience in selecting ten future teachers in training.

Sunday Aug 07 Luke 12.22-40 Praise the Lord for the 10 new students looking to become teachers in the TransformNation program. Pray for these young men and women.

08-09 Hebrews 11.17-12.4 Pray for the Richardson’s eldest daughter, Katie who is in recovery from a medical procedure.

10 Psalms 80.1-19 The TransformNation storehouse has been hit with some mold. Praise the Lord for the resourcefulness of the TransformNation students who made the most out this situation by salvaging all that they could.

11-12 Psalms 81-82.8 Please continue to pray for Alang, a TransformNation student who dreams of bringing children to Christ. He wants to bring the Gospel to his tribe and asks for prayer in surrendering to the will of God and learning the English language.

13 Isaiah 5.1-7 Praise the Lord for this year’s batch of students, may He continue to bless them in their academic pursuit for the coming year.

Sunday Aug 14 Luke 12.41-59 Please continue to pray for Rasi a leader at the W-School. Pray for wisdom and strong faith for him.

15 Luke 1.46-56 Jeremiah 23.1-40 Praise the Lord for bringing more students to our classrooms. Also lift up praise in faith that the Lord will provide additional classrooms as needed.

16-17 Please continue to pray for Harry whose life was changed through a Sunday School class. In order to get an education he has had to leave his family behind and his goal is to one day return to share the Gospel with them.

18 Isaiah 58.1-14 Praise the Lord for the believers who trust in Christ as their Savior in spite of potential persecution from the majority faith community.

19 Psalms 103.1-22 Please continue to pray that the government will be fair and just to all people groups.

20 Hebrews 12.5-29 Please pray for the kindergarten in P-City. This kindergarten cares for many children and also empowers low-income parents through various programs. Praise the Lord for this blessing and pray that it continues to bear fruit.

Sunday Aug 21 Luke 13.10-21 Please continue to keep Eric and his wife Hannah in your prayers as they wish to have a child.

22 Proverbs 25.1-14 Pray for the Nikeo pre-school and kindergarten situated in a majority faith area. Pray that it will be a light on a hill to everyone around it.

23 Psalms 112.1-10 Please pray for protection and health for all the international workers and national staff. May the Lord’s healing hand be upon those who are suffering through illness and pain.

24 1 Corinthians 4.1-15 Please pray for the health of all the students and their families. May they be both physically and spiritually healthy.

25-26 Hebrews 13.1-25 Please continue praying for Franz who is mentoring under Pastor Sani. His goal is to open a kindergarten class in a strong majority faith community.

27 Jeremiah 2.1-13 Continue to pray for Pastor Sani and his team’s new church in a nearby village and also their ministry to an animistic tribe.

Sunday Aug 28 Luke 14.1-14 Please continue to pray for healing upon Hudson. He is currently suffering from terrible pain that could cause permanent damage.

29 Luke 7.18-35 Pray for the students to never lose their passion in changing their nation.

30 Philemon 1-25 Please continue to pray for Ester’s elderly mother’s health and the salvation of her sister.

31 Jeremiah 18.1-17 Please pray for the students who have left their parents and family in hopes of attaining an education that will change their lives.

Sept 01 Deuteronomy 30.1-20 Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Praise Him and give thanks for all things and in every circumstance.

02 Psalm 1.1-6 Praise the Lord for the health of those working and living at the Slippery Rock Children’s Home.

03 Psalms 139.1-18 Please pray for Hannah, a TransformNation student. She asks for prayer for her family’s spiritual and physical health. Please also pray for her perseverance for all that she faces in the future.

Sunday Sept 04 Luke 14.15-35 Please pray for Victor, a TransformNation student who dreams of being a teacher and be a witness for the gospel. Pray for his obedience and submission to God’s will.

05 Ecclesiastes 3.1-22 Praise the Lord for the teachers and leaders who faithfully serve where the Lord has placed them.

06-07 James 1-2.17 Please continue to pray for Joy, a TransformNation student. Please pray for her family to come to Christ and that the people in her village also come to Christ.

08-09 James 2.18–4.10 Thank the Lord for the increasing number of majority faith students enrolling in our schools throughout the country. May these ministries continue to be blessed.

10 Exodus 32.1-14 Thank the Lord for the work He is doing in Southeast Asia. The field sends reports of those coming to Christ from the majority faith. Please pray for protection over the new believers both physically and spiritually.

Sunday Sept 11 Luke 15.1-10 Please pray for the after school program at the CEC for low income families where they have programs for children and mothers. Please pray that this ministry bears fruit.

12-13 James 4.11–5.20 Thank the Lord for the change He is bringing about in the lives of children.

14 John 8.12-30 Praise the Lord! Sani and Elka at Slippery Rock have a new baby boy! Please pray that he will grow up strong and healthy but more importantly one who faithfully follows after the Lord.

15 Psalms 113.1-9 Rejoice and be encouraged at the news that Lloyd and Grace bring. The girls in the dormitory that they are overseeing are full of passion for the Lord and sing praises to Him well into the night.

16-17 Jeremiah 8.18–9.16 Please continue to pray for Amanda, a TransformNation student who wants to become a teacher to educate and raise future leaders.

Sunday Sept 18 Luke 16.1-18 Please continue to pray for Arti and Dadang and their ministry. Please pray for their health, safety and encouragement.

19 Amos 6.1-14 Praise the Lord for the local pastors and pray that they will remain bold in the face of persecution.

20 Ephesians 2.1-10 Please pray for John, a TransformNation student who dreams of building a school in a remote area for children who would otherwise never have a chance to get an education. He hopes that this school will let him share the gospel and build up future leaders.

21 Luke 5.17-39 Please continue to pray for James, a TransformNation student. Please pray that though he misses his family greatly he adapts well to the new environment and also for his home in W-City.

22-23 Jeremiah 32.1-35 Please pray for the M Youth Centre which reaches out to Junior High students through Christian education. Pray that their ministry is fruitful and for the protection of the workers.

24 Jeremiah 32.36-44 Please pray for those who have graduated from or departed from the TransformNation program. May the Lord continue to move in their lives.

Sunday Sept 25 Luke 16.19-31 Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all the leaders on the field. May God light up the direction they are to bring their ministries.

26-27 Habakkuk 1.1-2.20 Thank the Lord for Pastor Santosa and his thriving ministry to the local farmers. Please pray that the Lord will add daily to their numbers.

28 Habakkuk 3.1-19 Please pray for the students who will be studying for university entrance exams. May the Lord bless them with wisdom.

29 Daniel 12.1-13 Pray for the teachers in training to persevere in their faith.

30 Lamentations 1.1-22 Thank the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed who give generously and joyously.