Mountain Mover Prayer Fellowship – December 2014


In everything I did, I showed you

that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,

remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said:

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Acts 20:35

In December’s prayer fellowship we:

  • celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.
  • pray for safe travels and happy reunions for students heading home for Christmas
  • pray for children in orphanages and students living in dormitories who are unable to celebrate Christmas with family


Dec. 1 Zephaniah 2.1-15  Remember Mustard Seed site leaders Anton, Dumadi, Rasi, Sani, Santosa, and Wiwik in prayer. Pray for good health for them and their families.

Dec. 2 Zephaniah 3.1-20  Giving Tuesday Give thanks with a grateful heart to God our Father as we share His love and mercy.

Dec. 3 Psalm 85.1-13  Give thanks for Mustard Seed supporters in Canada and the United States.  Praise God for the legacy of Mustard Seed founder Lillian Dickson.

Dec. 4 5 Isaiah 40.1-31  Give thanks for the way God drew Mustard Seed partnerships closer together at the Global Summit in October.

Dec. 6 2 Peter 3.1-18  Give thanks for, Bethie, a brilliant teacher making a deep impact in the lives of her students. Ask God to encourage and strengthen her.

Sunday, Dec. 7 Mark 1.1-8  Praise God for those who repent and seek baptism.

Dec. 8 1 Thessalonians 5.12-28   Student teacher Tamara asks that God would help her choose to obey and keep persevering even when it is hard. Pray for Tamara.

Dec. 9 Isaiah 61.1-11  Student teacher Kashi asks for prayers for her family to grow closer to God and for her understanding of her lessons.

Dec. 10-12 Nahum 1:1-3:19  Pray for the second-year student teachers who are developing their community and social skills among the lost. Petrus and Harta have taken responsibility for opening the after-school program and teaching Sunday school.

Dec. 13 Psalm 126.1-6  Pray for the ten first-year student teachers to develop adaptation skills for their new environment in the dormitory and at University.

Sunday, Dec. 14 John 1.15-28  Pray for every student to grow deeper in their personal relationship with the Lord.

Dec. 15-17 Haggai 1.1-2:23   The MSI model school holds an annual festival open to the whole community. Many are drawn to come and see. Pray for the community to experience all that’s offered.

Dec. 18 2 Samuel 7.1-17  Pray for a new location for the SCA school. The owner has given notice for July 2015, because he is selling the property.

Dec. 19 2 Samuel 7.18-29  Pray for parents to be drawn to Him by the testimonies of faithful teachers.

Dec. 20 1 Chronicles 16.23-36  Pray for perseverance for SCA teachers as they juggle life, ministry, and family burdens.

Sunday, Dec. 21 Matthew 1.18-25  So the Lord’s promise came true, just as the prophet had said, “A virgin will have a baby boy, and he will be called Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.” vss 22-23

Dec. 22 Isaiah 62.1-12  Pray for Xavier, Dian, Indah, and Lestari in their new teaching positions this holy season.

Dec. 23 Psalm 96.1-13  Pray for all students who live in dormitories; for safe travel and joyful reunions for those traveling home; and peace and comfort for the students and their parents who will be apart.

Dec. 24 Luke 2.1-14  Call on the power of the Holy Spirit to flow freely as people gather tonight to sing praises to the New-Born King.

Dec. 25 John 1.1-14  The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. John 1:14

Dec. 26 Acts 6.1-15  Pray for families over the holidays.

Dec. 27 Psalm 148  Remember Mustard Seed volunteers today; those who serve on the Board,  help in the office, and those who share Mustard Seed stories with family and friends.

Sunday, Dec. 28 Luke 2.15-21  Pray for everyone hearing the Christmas story for the first time to seek Him.

Dec. 29-30 Jeremiah 31.1-34  Pray for renewal and revival for students and staff in an isolated corner of Borneo.

Dec. 31 Numbers 6.22-27  As this year draws to a close, praise God for his goodness and lay out our hearts’ desire for the year to come