Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – December 2015

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 1 Timothy 2:1 (NIV)

In December’s prayer fellowship we:
-pray for the Mustard Seed Leaders
-pray for the children in the Mustard Seed programs
-give thanks for those who love the Lord in word and deed.

Dec 01-03 1 Thessalonians 4 – 5.28 A great fire has ravaged Indonesia and now the carbon dioxide emitted has created dense thick smog. In some places visibility is down to 5 metres. Reports say that the CO2 emission from this disaster is greater than the annual emissions of Germany. Please pray for the people affected by this disaster.

Dec 04-05 Philippians 1.1-30 Please pray for the ten new students enrolled in the TransformNation program. Please pray for their faith and their studies and also praise God for bringing them to us.

Sunday Dec 06 Luke 3.1-18 Praise be to God for providing the resources and funding that support the work which He has called Mustard Seed to do.

Dec 07 – 08 Romans 14.13–15.30 Please pray for the majority faith people groups in Southeast Asia and that the Lord would raise up more workers to go and share the Gospel with them.

Dec 09-11 Zephaniah 1.1-3.20 In the KL Village the school is flooded and the children get to school via boats. This village also is where Pastor Santosa runs a farming school. Please pray for this village, and especially for the teachers who are learning to adopt discipleship as a teaching mindset and leaving behind their old traditional ways.

Dec 12 – Sunday 13 Philippians 2.12-4.23 Praise be to God for the work He has done in K Village. There has been a great spiritual movement and a new project focusing on evangelising the mothers of the children who attend the schools.

Dec 15 – 17 Micah 1-3.12 P-Village is in an area that is largely of the majority faith and as a result the school faces persecution and opposition. However praise be to God that the community whom the school serves values and loves the work that is being done and as a result the school is allowed to exist.

Dec 18 – 19 Micah 4.13 – 6.16 Praise God for Sani and Elka who run a children’s home in B-Village. The home consists of 4 staff who care for 30 children of various ages every day. Please pray that God will continue to give them strength and bless their work.

Sunday Dec 20 Micah 7.1-20 Thank the Lord for the B.Th. Seminary in India. It is running well by the grace of God, the students are getting knowledge from the Bible. Thank God for providing faculties to train our B.Th. students who have successfully completed their first semester.

Dec 21 Obadiah 1-21 Please pray for the opening of the GJ School in India. Please pray for obstacles hindering its opening to be overcome.

Dec 22 – 23 Isaiah 7.10–9.7 Please pray for the process of opening up a University in Indonesia. Approval for the project has been coming in. Its goal is to become the premiere Christian University in the nation.

Dec 24 Luke 2.1-20 Please pray for the students who have left behind their families and their homes. Pray that they would find all that they need in Jesus.

Dec 25 Hebrews 1.1-14 Praise be to God for sending His Son to earth to redeem and reconcile mankind to Himself.

Dec 26 Acts 6.1-15 Thank the Lord for providing all that is needed to carry out the work tasked to Mustard Seed.

Sunday Dec 27 Psalm 148.1-14 Praise the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed

Dec 28 Revelation 21.1-21 Please keep Pastor Santosa and his congregation in your prayers. Pray that the believers will remain faithful.

Dec 29 – 30 Revelation 21.22–22.21 In the CEC there are 4 teachers and 52 kids. The leadership has great zeal for reaching out to children. Praise God for them and pray that the Spirit would continue to give them strength.

Dec 31 Romans 16.1-27 Andrew, one of the new TransformNation student’s prayer request is that he can be a blessing and help children who are less capable and fortunate. He wants to be a teacher who will bring children to the Lord.