Prayer Fellowship – February 2017

by | Jan 30, 2017

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.
Psalm 8:2 NIV

February 1 Psalm 84.1-12 Praise God for the people across North America who responded to Paul R’s challenge to leave their comfort zone and live a life of adventurous faith.

2 Luke 2.22-40 Praise the Lord for the visiting teams that serve Mustard Seed’s Southeast Asian sites. They give generously in love and resources.

3 Revelation 22.6-21 Pray for the students who go to Mustard Seed sponsored schools. Many of the following prayer requests are drawn from the writings of Mustard Seed students.

4 1 Corinthians 2.1-16 Ask God to work mightily in the lives of principals and teachers who have influence in the lives of Mustard Seed’s students.

Sunday 5 Matthew 5.13-20 Pray for the churches where our young people are involved. Pray for healthy church communities where they can learn, grow, and build solid relationships.

6-7 Psalm 119.1-32 Pray for our students as they study music, sport, academics, art, and technology; pray for God to impress upon them the joy of using their God-given abilities for His glory. Praise God for the opportunity they have to receive coaching, training, and teaching.

8 Deuteronomy 30.1-20 Pray for the child of an expatriate family serving with Mustard Seed. Her 4th birthday is this week!

9-11 Ezekiel 16.1-63 Pray for teenagers who are achieving higher levels of education than their parents. Pray that God will use them to bring blessing and encouragement to their families. Pray especially for students who come from families who do not follow God, that the students will bring the Gospel message into their homes, and that it will be received.

Sunday 12 Matthew 5.21-37 Pray for students who are nearing the end of high school and anticipating what will come next.

13 1 Corinthians 3.1-23 Ask God to open doors for high school graduates and to guide them to places where they can thrive.

14 1 Corinthians 12.31b–13.13 Happy Valentine’s Day! Praise God for His unfailing love. Pray that the orphan, the widow, the rejected, will receive a gift of His love in a special way today.

15-17 Psalm 119.33-80 Pray for students who find it hard to socialize and make friends. Ask God to protect them from despair and self-contempt that can come with loneliness.

18 Leviticus 19.1-19 Ask God to bring the lonely into healthy friendships and to protect them from people who would use or harm them.

Sunday 19 Matthew 5.38-48 Praise God for students who come from strong Christian families. Pray that not one member would be lost, but that each one would follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

20-21 Matthew 6.1-34 Pray for teenagers who find it hard to deal with their emotions.

22 1 Corinthians 4.1-21 Pray for God to protect them from saying and doing things that will cause harm, and that the Holy Spirit would produce the fruits of peace and self-control in their hearts.

23 Exodus 24.1-18 Pray for students who feel burdened by guilt. Ask God to set them free from the weight of shame and guilt and to find grace at the Cross.

24 Psalm 2.1-11 Pray for the two sons of a family serving with Mustard Seed as they compete in a basketball competition this weekend. Pray for God’s protection over their team, that they might model integrity and Christ-like character to everyone watching.

25 2 Peter 1.1-21 Pray for students who struggle with fear.
Sunday 26 Matthew 17.1-13 Pray for God to drive out fear and replace it with courage and peace in their hearts.

27 Matthew 17.14-27 Pray for young people living in homes where parents claim to be Christians but their lives say otherwise.

28 Joel 1.1-20 Pray for the challenge of children learning how to follow Christ when their parents don’t take their own faith seriously.

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