July 01 Acts 15.3-21 Rainy season will soon be upon the country and dengue fever runs rampant. Pray for the health of all the workers, the students and their families.

02 Galatians 6.1-18 The children are wrapping up their high school examinations. Pray for the children to excel and remain diligent. Also pray that they learn to study independently and take more initiative.

Sunday July 03 Luke 10.1-20 Praise the Lord for the health of those working and living at the Slippery Rock Children’s Home.

04 – 06 2 Kings 2.1-18; 5.15-27 Pray for all the persecuted. Pray that their faith would remain steadfast. Pray that they be encouraged by the hope and promises in Christ Jesus.

07-08 Acts 21.17-22.21 Please pray for healing upon Hudson, one of the international workers. He is currently suffering from debilitating pain that could cause permanent damage. Pray for the Lord’s healing hand to be upon Hudson.

09 Amos 7.1-17 Please pray for Hudson, his wife Esther and the rest of his family as they go through this ordeal. Give thanks for their service and obedience to the call of God. Pray that in the midst of hardship they will find joy in Christ.

Sunday July 10 Luke 10.11-37 Praise the Lord for the protection that He has granted our International Workers up until now. May He continue to be their stronghold and rock.

11-12 Colossians 1.1-29 Thank the Lord for the mighty work he is doing throughout the world!

13 Amos 8 – 9.15 Pray for those who face persecution to persevere and for the Lord’s might protection upon them.

15 Psalm 52.1-9 Thank the Lord that our schools are becoming stronger and more accepted in their communities to the point non-believers are sending their children to these schools.

Sunday July 17 Ruth 1.1-22 Please pray for the staff of all the schools and children’s homes. Thank the Lord for their service.

18 – 20 Ruth 2 – 4.22 Pray for the ministry among the junior high school students. Arti and Dadang, along with some students from the teachers in training program are teaching students in their mandatory one hour religion class

21 Colossians 2.1-19 Pray for Henry, a student living in the Slippery Rock Children’s home and is finishing high school. He has had to leave behind biological and foster parents to go to school. His goal is to become a teacher and to share with them the Gospel of Jesus.

22 John 20.1-18 Pray for all the people of majority faith in the land that they would come to know and believe Jesus to be their Lord and Savior

23 Psalm 85.1-13 Praise the Lord for nine young men part of the STREAM program who have come to know Christ, five of them were baptized that day. Pray for their faith to grow and that the Lord will use them mightily.

Sunday July 24 Luke 11.1-13 Pray for the workers faithfully serving the less fortunate. May they not be discouraged but be encouraged as they bless others.

25 Mark 10.35-45 Praise the Lord and give thanks in all circumstances!

26 Colossians 2.20–3.11 Pray for the after school ministry program for low income families. This ministry also teaches mothers sewing skills so that they can supplement their income. Pray for the 50 children and the mothers that are touched by this ministry and for the fruit that we believe it will bear.

27 – 28 Psalm 107.1-43 Please pray and thank God for the children of Arti and Dadang one of which is finishing his university studies and two are entering. Pray for guidance and faithfulness in their lives.

29 – 30 Luke 11.14-53 Please pray for Mrs. Wiwik and her husband. The two of them oversee a local church and a school in PR-City and also care for 30 children in a Children’s home. Pray that the Lord will provide them with all that they need.

Sunday July 31 Luke 12.1-21 Praise the Lord for the supporters who faithfully and generously support Mustard Seed through prayer and giving. We are all very encouraged by this.