June 01 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Praise the Lord for His love and grace. Praise Him and give thanks for all things and in every circumstance.

02-03 Psalm 30.1-12; 138.1-8 Please pray that the government will be fair and just to all people groups.

04 Psalm 146.1-10 Thank the Lord for the faithful supporters of Mustard Seed who give generously and joyously.

Sunday June 05 Galatians 1.13-24 Pray that the students will never lose the drive to better their village and nation.

06 Luke 7.11-17 Pray blessings upon the family ministry in P-City which provides education to a majority faith tribe. This ministry educates entire low-income families. Currently there are 35 students in Pre-school and Kindergarten in addition to the classes for mothers and fathers

07 1 Corinthians 15.1-28 Pray for the junior high school in PR city. Pray that the children receive basic necessities and transportation to the school. Praise the Lord for the students who have turned from tribal religions to worshipping Christ as Savior and Lord.

08-09 1 Kings 19.1-21 Please pray for Ian James whose life is being changed by God while living at Slippery Rock and attending the school there. Please pray with him for his family to come to know the Christ who has changed his life.

10 1 Kings 21.1-29 Praise the Lord for the school in SK-Village. It had been in need of teachers and they have recently found a few teachers willing to work there. Please pray for the youth and teens that will be discipled in this school.

11 Acts 13.1-12 Please pray for TransformNation student Joy who comes from a tribal family. She came to know the Lord while in high school and now she dreams of being able to share about Christ to everyone around her. Please pray for her studies and for her family to come to know Jesus.

Sunday June 12 Luke 7.36–8.3 Pray for the students in the schools. Those that do not know Jesus will come to accept him and for those that do, that their faith will hold firm even while facing persecution.

13 – 14 Galatians 2 – 3.5 Pastor Sani and his team planted a new church in a nearby village consisting of almost 20 households and another ministry further away for people of the animistic background. Please pray for these two ministries to flourish and stand strong.

15 – 17 Galatians 3.6–4.31 Thank the Lord for the faithful work of Arti and Dadang. They have devoted more than two decades overseeing many projects in multiple cities. May the Lord continue to bless their ministry and provide all that they need.

18 – Sunday June 19 Luke 8.4-39 Praise the Lord for Franz, a faithful servant to the community. He currently teaches minority-faith children in two public schools and in the afternoon and evenings he assists in the Slippery Rock Children’s home. He is also the intern pastor at Pastor Sani’s church. His dream is to start a school at Slippery Rock.

20 – 21 Luke 8.40-9.1-20 Praise be to God for a bountiful harvest reaped by the high school students in River Village lead by Pastor Santosa. The crops are fetching a favorable return this year.

22-23 Galatians 5.1-26 Please pray that the doors to all the public schools around the nation would be opened for believing teachers to teach about Jesus.

24 Luke 1.57-80 Thank the Lord for the international workers faithfully serving overseas. Praise the Lord for the people who support these workers.

25 Psalm 77.1 – 20 Please pray for the need for more teachers and classrooms in the River Village area. A surge in students is forecasted in the coming year.

Sunday June 26 Luke 9.51-62 Thank the Lord for blessing and protecting the schools in areas where believers are persecuted and struggle to find schools which are not controlled by the majority faith.

27 – 28 Acts 13.13 – 52 Praise the Lord! Pastor Santosa sent news regarding Richard and his family who come from an animistic background have all been baptized and received Christ as their Lord and Savior! They are active in worship and fellowship!

29 – 30 Acts 14 – 15.2 Pray for Arti and Dadang and the teachers that they train up. Ask the Lord to bless them with wisdom and boldness and to fill them with His Spirit.