June– July 2015   

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:1-2 ESV

June 01 – 03: Mark 2.18 – 3.35 Praise be to God for a strong end to the school year and also please pray for the teachers to have a restful break and come back refreshed for the new school year.

June 04: 1 Samuel 3.1-21 Please pray for the leaders and teachers of all the schools to have the wisdom, patience and the energy to effectively teach and lead in the coming year.

June 05: 1 Samuel 8.1-22 Praise be to God that we have five potential new teammates who are planning to join us before the end of 2015; please also pray for them as they are in the process of raising faith support.

June 06 – 08: 2 Corinthians 4 – 5.21 Praise be to God that no students/staff/church members suffered any injury in a cyclone that took off the GNCEM school’s roof.

June 09: Psalms 20.1-9 Please pray for the eleven new students coming into the TransformNation program this year that they adapt to university life.

June 10 – 13: Acts 11 – 13.12 Praise be to God for the encouraging report from a short-term mission’s trip team in British Columbia. They brought news of TransformNation and how the students and mentors it produced were phenomenal.

June 14 – 15: Mark 4.1 – 41 Praise God for the impact the schools are having on the villages. Additionally please pray for the construction of a new school in S-Village, that the Lord would protect it and the faithful workers from any potential opposition from the community.

June 16 – 20: 1 Samuel 15.10 – 17.58 Praise God for those who run the schools, especially those in the remote villages. A recent mission’s team had travelled to one of these schools and asked the leaders if there was anything they needed. The reply was that they only required additional materials and supplies for the students and the school while asking nothing for themselves. They thought it enough of a privilege to just serve God. Praise God for these leaders!

June 21: Psalms 103.1-22 Wren and Angie and Lloyd and Grace are expecting babies in the summer, praise the Lord!

June 22 – 23: 2 Corinthians 6 – 8.15 Pray for the new and current students of TransformNation that they will have good health and that those who are ill will quickly recover from their ailments so that they will be strong in order to do the work of the Lord.

June 24: Luke 1.57-80 Please pray that when hardships and opposition arises the leaders, teachers and students will not be discouraged but rather encouraged that the Lord is their stronghold.

June 25 – 26: Mark 5.1-43 Thank God for the missionaries we have in Southeast Asia who know that their job is only to equip and empower, and then to turn the ministry over to the local people who are actively working out the calling God has placed in their lives.

June 27: 1 Samuel 31.1-13 Lari and May have recently travelled to Borneo where they participated in the ground breaking ceremony of a new school building which will give education and spiritual influence to the surrounding villages.

June 28: 2 Samuel 1.1-29 Our Lord helps the children's parents or care takers learn how to raise their children by learning how to be good parents with strong spiritual commitment and good living example. Please pray for them.

June 29 – 30: Hebrews 10.1-39 Praise be to God that the believers remain faithful in the midst of discrimination. Please continue praying for them, particularly for Pastor Santosa and his congregation.

July 01: Colossians 3.1-17 Please pray for the persecuted in Southeast Asia not to respond in kind to their oppressors but rather in love, as Christ did.

July 02 – 03: 2 Samuel 5 – 6.23 The seventh graders journeyed to a village in the middle of the rice fields as a field trip. While there, the students learned about the culture and lifestyle of the farmers and also helped out with chores such as feeding the animals and cleaning. The students shared the gospel with those they met during their trip using gospel bracelets they made and also sold collected clothes, food, books to the villagers with the funds going to the community church. Praise the Lord for these children!

July 04: Mark 6.1-13 Please join our Indonesian leaders in prayer for guidance from our Lord to figure out how to build healthy relationships with desperately needy children. They have so many needs.  Many of these children of all ages have no stable adult in their lives. Pray for healing, forgiveness and the love of Jesus in their spirits and lives.

July 05 – 09: 2 Corinthians 9 – 12.18 The entire high school went on a missions trip to a mountain village The students all made gospel bracelets to share and give away. They also helped with daily chores and ran a free health clinic providing services that the villagers much needed but rarely received. Praise God for these youths!

July 10: Psalms 24.1-10 Please pray for the students who attend CNA to faithfully proclaim the gospel wherever they go.

July 11: 2 Samuel 7.1-17 Please pray for the spiritual well-being of the students in TransformNation to remain obedient to the will of God and to cling to Him when hardships arise.

July 12: 2 Samuel 9.1-13 Please pray for the families with absent parents in the villages and that the future generation will not follow in their predecessors’ footsteps.

July 13 – 15: Psalms 89.1-52 Praise God for the leaders, pastors, church workers and students who have expressed interested in serving during the Youth Explosion event piloted by Lari and May.

July 16 – 17: Mark 6.30 – 56 Please pray for the families that the students of TransformNation have had to leave behind, there are many who are ill or do not know Christ as their Savior.

July 18 – 21: 2 Samuel 11 – 12.25 Praise God for the encouraging report regarding Pastor Santosa and for the evangelism he has been doing up and down the river. Also please continue to pray for him and his wife Leah as they continue to train the next generation through their agricultural ministry.

July 22: Acts 13.13-35 Praise God for the fruitful labour done by those in the field. Please pray for those who are on furlough and that they may get much needed and well deserved rest.

July 23: Psalms 14.1-7 Please pray for people in the isolated villages especially, to pursue God in prayer and to study and obediently act upon His word daily.

July 24: John 6.1-21 Pray that our Lord will help the pastors and leaders to be people of spiritual integrity committed to disciple their fellow people in Southeast Asia.

July 25: Mark 10.35-45 Pray for the family members of new TransformNation students Naomi, Anna, Nancy, Eva to come to know Christ.

July 26: Ephesians 4.1-16 Pray for the oppressed to be steadfast in the face of persecution and that they may not lose hope and despair when faced with opposition.

July 27 – 28: Exodus 16.1 -36 Praise be to God that there are other missionaries all around the world who have a similar heart for the Southeast Asia and are considering partnering up with MSI.

July 29: John 6.22-35 Please pray for blessings upon Pastor Sani and the children home which he runs.

July 30 – 31: 2 Samuel 14.25–15.37 Thank God for Mustard Seed supporters partnering in this work through prayer and financial support.