Prayer Fellowship – March 2017

by | Feb 25, 2017

March 2017 Prayer Calendar

“Through the praise of children and infants
you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger.”
Psalm 8:2 NIV

March 1 Joel 2.1-17 Pray for young men and women who dream of someday getting married. Pray that they will date wisely.

2-3 Joel 2.18-3:21 Pray for protection and wisdom as our students make decisions that involve dating and marriage. Multiple students articulate the hope of finding a marriage partner who loves and follows the Lord.

4 Romans 5.1-19 One student writes that he wants to change the world! Pray for our Mustard Seed students to get what they need to make a positive, significant difference wherever they go.

Sunday 5 Matthew 4.1-11 Pray for Southeast Asian young people to have a deep love for the Word and a passion for sharing the Gospel with people around them.

6 Deuteronomy 6.10-25 Pray for students who sense that their relationship with God has grown distant.

7 Deuteronomy 8.1-10 Ask God to draw near to our students and bring them to an even deeper, more vibrant relationship with Him than what they remember in the past.

8 Psalm 91.1-16 Pray for a trip being planned to the children’s home in Borneo. Pray for the leader of the trip and for the teenagers who will travel there with the purpose of blessing the children who live in that home.

9 Psalm 121.1-8 Pray for students who come from families of different faiths. Pray for parents to come to know Jesus through the ministry of the Christian school that their child attends.

10 Genesis 12.1-20 There are many students whose parents struggle financially. Pray none will be called out of school to help support the family.

11 Sunday 12 Romans 4.1-25 Pray for the young in our own families and throughout the world.

13 John 3.1-17 Pray for national pastors and their families, that God would stand guard over them and protect them from injury, illness, persecution, and temptation.

14 Exodus 17.1-16 Pray for the children of pastors to grow in their own relationship with God and to be inspired by their parents to serve God in their own way.

15 Psalm 95.1-11 Praise God for young people who have been baptized recently. Pray that their faith will grow.

16-18 John 3.22-4:42 Pray for students who are setting high goals for themselves in all areas of life, including time spent reading their Bibles and in prayer. Pray for our young people to have a deep love for God’s word and a passion for sharing the Gospel with people around them.

Sunday 19 Matthew 1.1-17 Pray for Mustard Seed students who have lost one or both parents. Ask God to comfort them.

20 1 Samuel 16.1-23 Ask God to give wisdom to doctors who often have neither the level of training or the treatment options that are available in the West.

21-23 1 Samuel 17.1-57 Pray for students who struggle with physical limitations and weaknesses. Ask God for healing in Jesus’ Name.

24 Ephesians 5.6-21 Pray for students who are learning to navigate the world of the Internet. Ask God to protect them from addictions that could destroy their integrity and their future.

25 Luke 1.26-38 Ask God to give our students a repulsion to filth and gore and all things that stand in defiance to all that is true and right and good.

Sunday 26 John 9.1-17 Pray for high school students who have big dreams for their future. Pray for dreams shaped and guided by the Lord.

27 John 9.18-41 Praise the Lord for our Church Partners. Pray for God's continued favor as he blesses the leadership and congregations as they joyfully give and serve.

28-29 Ezekiel 37.1-14-28 Pray for students who have expressed a heart for the poor, the orphan, and the elderly. Ask God to prepare them for effective ministry and to use them to make a difference in the lives of the needy in their own nation.

30 Psalm 130.1-8 Hindu communities celebrate their New Year in silence. Ask God to reveal His truth and love to them in powerful ways in order that they might be drawn to follow Christ.

31 Romans 8.1-17 Pray for the children of overseas workers who serve cross-culturally with Mustard Seed. They plan to gather with friends and classmates from school for a worship night this evening. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill them with joy and gratitude as they worship together.