Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – May 2015

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – 1 Timothy 2:1 (NIV)

In May’s prayer fellowship we:

-give thanks for those who love the Lord in word and deed.

-pray for Mustard Seed leaders

-pray for children in India


May 1 John 14.22-15.10 24 Pray for Lucie as she shares her Mustard Seed experiences with Friday Friends at Bridlewood.

May 2 John 15.11-16.4a Give thanks for the churches and individuals who open their doors to learn more about Mustard Seed.

Sunday, May 3 Ezekiel 17.1-10 Pray for all who lead and participate in Mustard Seed to submit themselves to God.

May 4 Ezekiel 17.11- 24 Pray for Craig as he participates in the Pentecostal Assembly’s mission fair.

May 5 Psalm 98.1-9 Pray for Indonesian president Joko Widodo, for continued wisdom and understanding.

May 6 John 21.15-25 Pray for the number of cases of religious intolerance to decrease.

May 7 1 John 5.1-12 Pray for the youngest children in Mustard Seed schools.  Pray for teachers to have wisdom as they encounter behavioral issues, learning challenges, and other concerns for the first time. 

May 8 Proverbs 23.15-25 Pray that the youngest children will be safe at school and for each one to blossom and thrive.

May 9 Proverbs 30.7-19 Thank God for the doors He opens for this work. Pray for the dream of a kid’s camp and retreat site outside a large city.

Sunday, May 10 Proverbs 31.10-31 Thank God for Mothers today.

May 11 Psalm 1.1-6 Pray for Linda’s and Lestari’s understanding of the tribal ways of the remote village where they teach. Pray for their health.

May 12 Psalm 47.1-9 Pray for Katie Richardson as she prepares to start college in the United States. She has lived in Indonesia since she was two years old. Pray for God's protection and comfort for her in the time of transition.

May 13 1 John 5.13-21 The Richardson’s are getting ready to celebrate Stephen’s birthday. Pray a blessing on Stephen.

May 14-15 Acts 1.1-26 Praise God for the great relationship developed with the people of S-Village; for His provision for having provided the on-site pastor and his wife; and for the provision of funds to start building a school.

May 16 John 16.16-33 Give thanks for the witness to God’s goodness at the ground breaking ceremony for the school in S-Village.

Sunday, May 17 John 17.1-26 Thank God for placing S-Village on Lari’s and May’s hearts. Pray with them for God to use the teachers and students to impact the whole village and surrounding area.

May 18-19 Ezekiel 37.1-28 Praise God for special medical camps that served 350 people in the neighborhood of two schools in West Bengal.

May 20-22 Zechariah 9.1-11.17  Pray for the teacher training program in West Bengal. Ask God to raise up students who desire to serve the Lord with confidence in His Word.

May 23 Romans 8.18-30  Pray for God to touch the hearts of children who attend the mobile schools in India and to excite them to follow His truth.

Sunday, May 24 Acts 2.1-21 Praise God for speaking to believers and non-believers through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May 25 Acts 2.22-47 Three Mustard Seed families serving in Southeast Asia are on furlough this spring and summer. Pray for a time of refreshment and joy. Two families will be returning to Mustard Seed with new babies. Praise God!

May 26 Romans 8.1-17 Thank God for the people who provide personal support for Mustard Seed’s leadership team of twelve non-Indonesians. They raise all their own support.

May 27 Isaiah 6.1-13 Pray for joyous reunions as they are welcomed back at their “home churches.”

May 28-29 Psalm 104.1-35 Please pray for immigration issues that make it challenging and expensive for foreign team members to live in Indonesia.  There has been a dramatic increase in regulations and expense.

Sunday, May 30 Ezekiel 31.1-1 Ten first-year students will be starting in the TransformNation program. Pray for their reliance on God as they make the transition from home.

May 31, Luke 1: 39-56 Thank God for Mustard Seed supporters partnering in this work through prayer and financial support.