Mountain Movers Prayer Fellowship – October-November 2015

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 1 Timothy 2:1 (NIV)

In October’s prayer fellowship we:
-pray for the Mustard Seed Leaders
-pray for the children in the Mustard Seed programs
-give thanks for those who love the Lord in word and deed.

Oct.01 -02 Esther 6.14–8.17 Please pray for Katie as she enters college this school year. Please pray that her transition is smooth and that she adjusts well.

Oct 03 Mark 9.38-50 Please pray for our Christmas event held near the end of November. We’ll have a guest appearance from Katie Richardson and be featuring the launch of her book.

Sunday Oct 04 Mark 10.1-16 Praise the Lord for Lucie’s safe return from her trip out west! Thanks be to God for everyone and their hospitality whom she encountered on her trip.

Oct 05 – 06 Esther 9.1-10.3 Praise God that we were able to gather bags of food for the needy in the community affected by the floods in India. The prayer to God was for 2000 bags of food but God went beyond that and provided 2500 bags of food!

Oct 07 Job 1.1-22 Please pray for those who received food bags may know that Jesus loves them and gave His life on cross for our sins.

Oct 08 Job 2.1-13 Praise God for the selfless children of the D-school in India who helped make the food bags to be distributed to those in need.

Oct 09 Job 23.1-17 Thank the Lord for the hospitality and support of all the Mustard Seed supporters.

Oct 10 Mark 10.17-34 Please pray for Kusuma who at times finds it difficult to adapt to a new culture and understand the professors. Please pray for wisdom and understanding.

Sunday Oct 11 Psalm 65.1-13 Please pray that our missionaries would be encouraged from the fruit borne out of the seeds that they have sown.

Oct 12 Psalm 67.1-7 Please pray for Naomi from the TransformNation program that she and her family would continue to rely on God alone and that she comes to forgive those who have hurt her.

Oct 13 – 16 Hebrews 5.11–9.10 Please pray for Srie, the principal at C-School who is battling cancer. May she hold fast to her faith and be able to glorify God in her time of need. Please also pray that through the providence of God she would be able to receive the care that she requires.

Oct 17 Job 38.1-21 Please pray for those in the field that they would be protected and steadfast in the face of corruption. Please also pray that the country rallies and fights against corruption and intolerance.

Sunday Oct 18 Job 38.22-41 Please pray for the persecuted that they respond in love and not anger or hate.

Oct 19 2 Timothy 4.1-18 Please pray for the health of all the students and that they remain strong and able to do the work of the Lord

Oct 20 Mark 10.46-52 Hebrews 7.15–8.6 Praise be to God that new projects and school expansions are underway. May God help us overcome all obstacles that stand in our way.

Oct 21 Mark 12.1-17 Please pray for the majority faith people groups in Southeast Asia and that the Lord would raise up more workers to go and share the Gospel with them.

Oct 22 Job 39.1-18 Please pray for the new students as they adjust and undergo a transformation in their character. Please pray for their perseverance.

Oct 23 Job 39.19–40.6 Thanks be to God for the faithful workers, staff and leaders. May God be with them always and bless them.

Oct 24 Job 40.7–41.11 Please continue to pray for May’s broken arm as it continues to heal.

Sunday Oct 25 Job 41.12-34 Please pray for Kashi from the TransformNation program as she learns to lead with humility and wisdom. Praise be to God for all the future leaders in the program who have a heart and passion for the next generation.

Oct 26 Job 42.1-17 Please pray for the students, teachers, workers and leaders that they continue to seek the will of God and remain obedient to His calling.

Oct 27 Hebrews 9.11-28 Praise the Lord for Raymond of the TransformNation program. Prior to knowing Christ he was just focused on making money. Now his goal is to become a servant of Jesus. Please pray for his studies in college.

Oct 28 Jude 1-25 Thanks be to God for the supporters who sponsor the amazing children and youth in our programs.

Oct 29 2 John 1-13 Please pray that God would provide the resources in order to transport teachers to and from the surrounding villages.

Oct 30 3 John 1-15 Please pray for those devastated and displaced by the floods in India. Praise God that by His grace our missionaries there are able to care for the underprivileged by providing them with food.

Oct 31 Romans 1.1-17 Praise be to God for all that He has done in the lives of the children and students in our schools and programs. They have been sending in letters of thanks to their sponsors and praising God.

Sunday Nov 01 1 Thessalonians 4.1-18 Praise be to God for He is good! Thank the Lord for all that He has done in all our lives especially giving us Jesus as our Savior.

Nov 02-03 1 Thessalonians 5.1-28 Please pray for the health of the families of our students. Please also pray for their spiritual health as some do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Nov 04-05 Philippians 1.1-30 Anna from TransformNation writes that she thanks and praises God because He guides, accompanies and fills her through the good and bad times. Praise the Lord!

Nov 06 Luke 3.1-18 Thank God for the volunteers who have helped us with the mailing of these newsletters in the past and those that are coming out to help on November 20th ’s mailing day.

Nov 07 Romans 14.13–15.13 The country’s government has recently tightened policies regarding foreigners working in their country. Please pray for our staff that they would not encounter any problems and obstacles when they try to re-enter the country after furlough.

Sunday Nov 08 Romans 15.14-30 Praise be to God for the testimonies of spiritual growth our students have demonstrated through overcoming obstacles and challenges in their life while trusting in God.

Nov 09-11 Zephaniah 1.1-3.20 Please pray for our leaders to be sensitive to the calling of God and to be obedient to His will.

Nov 12-14 Philippians 2.12-4.23 Praise God for the safe arrival of S and his wife C and their young daughter to the mission field. May the Lord bless them as they answer His call to assist with the work He has called them to do.

Sunday Nov 15-16 Micah 1-2.13 Please pray for the pastors, workers and staff on in the field that God impart His Spirit on them to empower them with strength, wisdom and perseverance.

Nov 17-18 Micah 3-4.13-5.15 Please pray for the perseverance of fellow believers and the strengthening of their faith. Also pray for the leaders who faithfully do the work of the Lord overseas such as Pastor Santosa & Leah, Lloyd & Grace, and Corwin
& Sarah.

Nov 19 Micah 6.1-16 By the grace of God and your prayers the team in India is taking care of underprivileged Indian children by giving them spiritual and physical food. Please pray to God that He provides them with the means to give the children, at
least, in a week one day meat, one day egg, and one day fish.

Nov 20 Micah 7.1-20 Please pray for Tirta in the TransformNation program as he learns how to be a leader while being in a position of responsibility at the dorms.

Nov 21 Obadiah 1-21 TransformNation student Siela writes that she is thankful to God for teaching her humility and love for others.

Sunday Nov 22 Isaiah 7.10–8.10 Please pray for Jordan from the TransformNation program as he adjusts to life in the dormitories.

Nov 23 Isaiah 8.11–9.7 Praise be to God for the staff and workers who are on furlough. May God grant them some much deserved rest.

Nov 24 Luke 2.1-20 Please continue to pray for the 4 classes at the Blessing School and their teacher Amelia.

Nov 25 Hebrews 1.1-14 Please pray for the governments, that they would be compassionate to our fellow believers in Southeast Asia.

Nov 26 Acts 6.1-15 Thank God for Mustard Seed supporters partnering in this work through prayer and financial support.

Nov 27 Psalm 148.1-14 Praise and thanks be to God because as Paul a student in the TransformNation program writes: I’m thankful because God still loves me.

Nov 28 – Sunday Nov 29 Revelation 21.1-22.5 Praise the Lord for his providence in providing all that is needed for both our spiritual and physical well-being. Thank God for giving us the privilege of serving and glorifying Him through Mustard Seed.

Nov 30 Revelation 22.6-21 Please pray for the students of TransformNation as they grow in their faith. May they persevere and hold fast to Christ.

Nov 31 Romans 16.1-27 Praise the Lord for the teaching and support provided by the short term missionaries this past year.