Report from the field

by | Dec 1, 2016

By: Lloyd

The TransformNation students are busy in university. They come to Charis from 7am-12:15am for classes and a time of devotion together. I was approached by a boy who I will call Tim. He wanted to begin a weekly prayer group for all the students in the remote regions of Indonesia. It was such an encouragement to me to see that they reportfromthefieldwanted to ‘prepare the future teaching ground' with prayer. It’s amazing how God works quietly in people's hearts.

Class A of TransformNation have been on a placement in local villages for a month. Most of the students have thrived and adapted to a community that is predominantly of majority faith. However some of the students are struggling with rejection and persecution for their faith.. Hearing all this news was a reminded that our greatest prayer for the TFN students it that they would be able to stand firm in the darkness.

Please keep the students of TransformNation in your daily prayers.