Schools that Change Communities

by | Sep 7, 2021

It’s back to school time again! As you might be aware, our teachers and students in Indonesia have overcome great obstacles to stay connected in the midst of rising Covid-19 numbers over the past few months. In several areas where Mustard Seed serves, cities are in complete lockdown, while in remote islands, hybrid learning is applied. But these challenges don’t deter their passion to teach and to learn.


“Schools are places where we can bless people in the communities around us,” said Ari, MSI Site Leader on the Island of Promise. Since the school first opened two years ago, Christian education has been introduced to 15 villages, where 18 village schools were initiated and 37 local teachers were trained.

After school, English classes were started for teenagers living around the school. 500 children in remote places are now able to get the education they deserve.

With his vision to transform communities and influence local government, Ari believes that empowered children will become excellent leaders who will contribute to their villages.

When Covid-19 first hit the island, and later the hurricane, Mustard Seed teachers and parents worked together delivering aid and extending relief to those in need throughout the community. “As the salt of the earth and the light of the world, we are doing our part to transform our community,” Ari added.

Mustard Seed believes that these acts of generosity are not only transforming the community but also serve as living testimonies for children to learn. They too, can take part in blessing others. And it begins with learning how to pray!

Today, we hope that you are blessed by this pre-kindergarten student on the Island of Promise, who volunteered to pray over zoom. Click the video below to watch her!