10 more beds √2.TfN Students2013

sheets, quilts, pillows

10 more place settings √

dishes, cups, cutlery

10 more desks √

chairs, workbooks, pens, pencils


Ten high school graduates have recently arrived at our TransformNation teachers’ training program as first year students. These young adults come from different cultures, different family circumstances, and speak different dialects (in addition to Bahasa Indonesia), but they will all have two things in common: a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to serve the Lord and their country as a teacher. These remarkable, hand-picked, young people recognize that quality education means hope for a better future.

The growing program is a “transformative model of Christian education that is based on Christian discipleship,”explains Paul,Sierra Exif JPEG MSI International Director. “Graduates are trained not only to be great teachers, but to become seasoned leaders, equipped to impact entire communities in multiple ways.  The program is practical, relevant, built on practice and experience, and boldly announces hope in Jesus.”

The leaders of all of our MSI-sponsored schools and projects come out of TransformNation, so please pray for this new crop of students!