by Mrs. Arti

Mothers who were walking their children to school started to gather for a free outreach clinic at P-School. The 60 people who were attended the clinic, each shared stories about their personal lives. The team followed up by praying with each individual who shared.

One of the women who shared,BannerB told the group that she had been sick and hospitalized for several days.

One night at the hospital, she recalled, “I was bothered by a very large person, like a ghost,” she explained.

The woman was terrified and started to pray according to her traditional majority faith. The woman said she then read verses from her tradition that were used to resist demons and also verses that were used when people are dying. However, this ghost-like creature did not leave and instead tried to strangle her to death.

It was then, that this woman suddenly saw a wooden cross hanging in the hospital room and she had remembered hearing the name Jesus. So, this woman cried out: “Jesus, help me, help me!” and the creature disappeared.

As the woman was sharing this story at the school, one of Mustard Seed International’s teachers was present and the teacher affirmed that the Name of Jesus has power over evil.

Please remember to pray for this woman and others in the group who heard her story, Please pray that they will come to have faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.