Jesus stood on a hill and looked around at the graduating class of his intensive three year educational program.

This was the culmination of their studies, and instead of taking in another cohort, Jesus had an unusual plan in mind. He had prepared his students to become the first wave of instructors in his ever expanding school without borders.

#3 pic teaching a class.DSC_3869bJesus was about to bid them farewell, and now he would leave them with his last words. What would he say? The greatest visionary leader the world had ever known had completed his mission. Now, he captured in a few powerful words the culmination of his Master Plan. The strategy for advancing his Kingdom to the entire planet was hidden in these few words, and this is what I imagine those boys heard him say:#2 pic.IMG-20141028-WA0000b

Guys, you have witnessed my authority over the elements. You have seen my power over death. Nothing is impossible if you are with me. Fear nothing if you believe in me, because I have received all authority over heaven and earth.  All that I have taught you points to this moment. Now, I’m going home and it’s time for you to leave too.

In the powe#4 pic.tieing a child's shoe laceBr of my authority, fearlessly go out from here. Advance into uncharted regions. Cross into new cultures, break through the barriers that divide and separate humanity. Learn new languages. Wherever you go, seek out young men and women whom God puts on your heart. Call them into a commitment of learning and growing under your leadership. Baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Teach them. Mentor them. Guide them, investing into them in the same way I have invested my life into you. I have poured three years into you. We have walked together. We have laughed, wept and faced the world together. You have watched my life. You have followed in my footsteps. My teachings have totally transformed your worldview and revolutionized your thinking patterns. Ensure that your students grow until they too put into action everything I have taught you to do.

And be assured that I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

By PRichardson