The seventh graders journeyed to a village smack dab in the middle of endless rice fields. The purpose was to bless them! It is beautiful country side, yet it was obvious to our city students that the 2bvillagers do not have everything they do. Many struggled with the ice-cold water for their shower. The students brought clothes, food items, books, etc. they had collected which were sold at a low price to the villagers as a way to bless them. Then the funds raised were given to the church to help the community. They stayed in villagers’ homes and helped them work and asked many questions in order to understand the culture and lifestyle of these rice farmers. They did chores like feeding the goats, sweeping, and cleaning up outside. They attended local small group fellowships, and led music in their respective meetings. The villagers loaded up our students in pickup trucks taking them to work in the rice fields. Upon return, many of the students reported having had an opportunity to share the gospel during their trip by using the gospel bracelets they made in class.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Lari and May for sharing news of the grade seven class blessing trip.