Trust Him

by | Apr 2, 2020

Trust Him

Soon after our lab school closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, our students began their studies online. During our morning devotions on the first day, students were asked to think of a Bible verse they learned that would apply to their current situation. This was one grade 12 student's response to the exercise. We hope that it serves as an encouragement to you:

This has been a very hard few weeks for all of us. I feel very hopeless at times when confronted by the negativity in the news that is circulating 24/7. The world is extremely pessimistic about everything that is happening and, as a result, is causing even greater panic among us. The corona virus stirs up problems of selfishness and racism everywhere we go, and honestly, that is scaring me.

Something that eases the burden in my heart is a verse from Philippians 4:6 which states, ”Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” This verse really comforts me because it reassures me that everything that has happened or is happening right now is all under God’s control. As our Father in Heaven, He seeks for us to trust that He is able to solve anything. In times like these, I seek to trust Him more and I believe, when we fully surrender to Him, our relationship with Him will grow stronger.

What I love about reading the Bible is that any time I have a need or problem, I find that the Bible always has the right thing to say for each situation I face.

“Don’t worry. God is never blind to your tears. Never deaf to your prayers. And never silent to your pain. He sees. He bears. And He will deliver you.”

L.J. Effrien



Background Photo by David Beale on Unsplash