It’s our calling.

Row2.Pic1.Degler Grebe Trip 094We Do It for the Glory of God. We believe He is worthy of all the praise of all the peoples of the earth. “Let all the peoples praise you,” David wrote in Psalm 67. “Let the nations be glad and sing for you.”

We can’t imagine anything making the nations more glad or bringing more praise to God than movements of the people streaming toward Him in worship. And for that to happen, for spiritual transformation to penetrate societies, those nations need dynamic and healthy spiritual leaders to lead the way. And we can’t think of a better place to start than with children.

We Do It For The Children. We know that children are very close to the heart of God. “For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” Jesus said in Mark 10, speaking of the children that he wanted to bless.Row2.Pic2.WPWamTomBozmansiteKids1cr God still wants to bless them, and we can’t think of any better way of blessing them than shaping them in spiritually thriving environments. We want these kids to grow up knowing Jesus, being discipled in healthy community, growing in skills that will benefit them for their futures, and becoming transformative leaders that will change the world for the glory of God.

And in order to do that, we need people to shape them, and we can’t think of anyone better in that role than high-caliber and creative teachers. That’s why we started TransformNation, our teacher training program in Indonesia, where high school graduates come for four years and are trained to become not only excellent educators but also spiritual shepherds. Then we send these missionary-teachers to one of our MSI-supported schools or ministries which are beacons of light in the in some very spiritually dark and impoverished areas.

Row2. Pic3.DSC_3855We Do It For the World. Lillian Dickson, the founder of Mustard Seed, was driven by the vision to “present Christ to all we meet.” That vision still drives us, to present Christ to a needy and broken world, and to raise up the leaders that will impact it with Christ’s love.

Please join with us in this exciting opportunity to shape kids into leaders who will present Christ to all they meet in their rapidly-changing worlds! We can’t do it without you, and we ask for your faithful prayers and generous financial support in order for this ministry to transform the lives of thousands of kids, emblazoned with the glory of God, who will change the world in unimaginable ways.